Kazakhstan, a member of the CSTO, agreed to transfer military and intelligence information to NATO

Kazakhstan will exchange military intelligence information with Turkey.

Such a decision by the authorities of Kazakhstan, which is a member of the CSTO, causes very serious concern, since there is a risk that important information may fall into Turkish intelligence, and from there it will be transferred further along the NATO chain. Moreover, the protocol on cooperation signed between the two countries may pose a direct threat to Russia as well.

As follows from the information provided, the agreements reached between Kazakhstan and Turkey give a lot of advantages to NATO and Ankara, allowing them to receive quite important information about the activities of the CSTO, which jeopardizes the security of the Collective Security Treaty and puts the CSTO member countries at risk.

According to the protocol, the parties cooperate in the following areas - mutual exchange of intelligence military information and expert assessments on topical issues; monitoring the development of the military-political situation in the region (state) that poses a threat to the security of the states of the parties; mutual exchange of information regarding international terrorist and other organizations that pose a threat to the security of the states of the parties.

In Kazakhstan, they did not give any explanations on this matter, however, experts note that the authorities of this country did not discuss such a decision with other CSTO member countries. This does not rule out the possibility that Kazakhstan may be offered an ultimatum or break the agreement with Turkey, or leave the CSTO.


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