Sleeping economy class


Kazakhstan air carrier "Air Astana" offers passengers a sleeping economy class

Kazakhstan airline "Air Astana"Offers its passengers a sleeping economy class for long flights.

The decision of the air carrier has already been called very unordinary, as earlier no one in the territory of the country offered such services. Nevertheless, experts suggest that the innovation of the air carrier will be a great success, because in reality, long-distance flights are very tiring, and a sleeping economy class can be an effective solution to the problem.

For the convenience of passengers, in this class will be reserved three chairs with a mattress, so you can sleep. Nevertheless, it is necessary to emphasize that flying in a new class will be very costly for passengers - according to some sources, the cost of flight from Astana to London will be about 2200 dollars, while in the economy class this air flight will cost only 500-600 dollars .