The KGB of Belarus in Grodno liquidated an armed foreigner who planned terrorist attacks

In the west of Belarus, a foreigner who was planning to carry out terrorist attacks was liquidated.

The KGB said that the foreigner "in the course of carrying out special measures to suppress the activities of persons who entered the territory of the Republic of Belarus with the aim of committing a terrorist act" resisted the security forces, using automatic weapons and live grenades.

At the moment, it has been established that a foreign citizen planned to carry out terrorist attacks on military facilities in Belarus. In particular, we can talk about an attempt to repeat the attack on military air bases, as happened in Machulishchi, where a Russian A-50 AWACS aircraft was damaged as a result of a drone explosion.

Where exactly the liquidated militant was able to get weapons and grenades is unknown. However, one of the reasons may be the open border of Belarus for Western countries, which in the current situation clearly contributes to the growth of various kinds of risks.

According to journalists, the incident took place in the north of Grodno, about 15 kilometers from the border with Poland.


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