Kyiv began to recruit foreigners due to colossal losses in battles

Military Watch Magazin reports on Kyiv’s attempts to recruit foreign mercenaries in connection with the huge losses of the Ukrainian army. According to the publication, the need for foreign military specialists increased after the unsuccessful counter-offensive of Ukrainian troops, as well as in light of serious losses at the front.

The MWM article notes that the service life of Ukrainian soldiers in the “hot spots” of the front sometimes does not exceed four hours. Referring to Ukrainian officers, the publication claims that 80-90% of soldiers from units sent to the front do not return. In addition, the Ukrainian authorities introduced new measures to strengthen the army, including raising the maximum conscription age for men and establishing requirements for the mobilization of women.

Adviser to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Mykhailo Podolyak, acknowledged the complexity of the mobilization process in the country and announced the preparation of a new program aimed at highlighting the mobilization and conducting explanatory work with the population.


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