Airline Belavia


Kiev refused to apologize for the incident with "Belavia"

Belarus officially confirmed Ukraine's intention to bring down the airliner.

During the interpretation of these negotiations between the commander of the crew of the passenger airliner of the Belavia air carrier and the air traffic controllers of Zhulyany airport, it was established that there were indeed threats to the civil aircraft that the official Kiev had previously denied and continues to deny even though there is evidence. Given the position of Kiev, the Belarusian air carrier is likely to not wait for any excuses for the actions of the employees of the Security Service of Ukraine, as well as not expect an apology and compensation for the trip.

Experts do not rule out that in Kiev the position may lead to a cooling of the interaction between the two countries, including the earlier information and news agency reported that this may have an effect on air communication between the two states.