Black Sea Fleet


Kiev will sue Russia for the deployment of the Black Sea Fleet

Ukraine does not recognize the unilateral break of the 2010 Kharkiv agreements on the location of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea. This statement was made by representatives of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

According to the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Oleg Nikolayenko, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry does not approve of the denunciation of the agreement on the deployment of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea and calls the agreement valid. According to the Ukrainian diplomat, Russia must comply with all the terms of the treaty and understand that the basing of the fleet in Crimea is temporary.

Nikolayenko explained that Russia has no right to place ships in places not provided for by the agreement or to increase the composition of the fleet. In addition, weapons cannot be deployed in the “temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine”.

Since Russia ignores violations, Kiev is going to use these facts as arguments for prosecution in international courts to bring the neighboring state to justice and pay damages "for the occupation of Crimea." Also, Ukraine is going to file financial claims against Russia, because the Kremlin does not pay Kiev for the deployment of the Black Sea Fleet on the "Ukrainian territory".

We remind you that on April 21, 2010 in Kharkiv we signed agreements on the conditions for the presence of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea for a period of 25 years in exchange for a reduction in the price of Russian gas. The ratification of the agreement by the Verkhovna Rada took place on April 27, 2010.

In 2014, after the transition of Crimea to the Russian Federation, Putin signed a law annulling the agreements with Ukraine on the deployment of the Black Sea Fleet.

To The Hague ?! :)

In the district Moscow court, let them serve!

Stockholm arbitration will help them a lot in this.