Patriot SIRK


Kiev wanted to place American Patriot air defense systems

American Patriot air defense systems should be deployed in Ukraine to "defend Europe." This statement was made by the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak.

According to Kiev, the deployment of Patriot anti-aircraft systems in the country will help protect not only Ukraine, but also the West from Russian aggression.

Ukraine maintains its defense against Russia not only for its own sake, but also for the sake of the West. However, where does the US install its Patriot missiles? The nearest ones are based in Poland. They should be here - said Ermak.

The expert of the publication "Glavred" expressed another desire of Ukraine. In his opinion, the United States should permanently place its ships in the Black Sea. The Montreux Convention is not taken into account. The author is convinced that the US Navy ships will be able to contain Russia, which is trying to seize influence in the entire Black Sea.

We remind you that these are not the first "Wishlist" of the Ukrainian authorities. Earlier, there was talk about the desire to deploy American fighters, the US command center, a NATO division, etc. on the country's territory. It is easy to guess that all this would help Kiev to repel the "blow of Russian troops."

Only two missiles of the escander complex in Karabakh were easily shot down by the air defense of Azerbaijan.

I remember well how Strelkov called out and waited for help until the last moment ... he was thrown, and he walked away ... He had no resources to hold back !!!

Yes, everything says, Mikhail is about the fact that Strelkov did not run, but held the city with a small group for the right time and the issue of withdrawal was obvious in advance - well, a group, even if 50-100 people, cannot hold the city in front of the regular army for a very long time. I don't know how many people Strelkov had, but I think it was less than 50.

Well, yes, the Americans will just take and "free of charge" place these complexes

If Mr. Strelkov had not fled from Slavyansk and showed his commanding skills, he would not have had to comment so omnisciently now. "Specialist"!! (M.T.)

Iskander don't care about Patriots

Nobody believes in this fairy tale in the EU - Ukraine is the very danger for Europe. If there is a war, then with the filing of Ukraine on the exhortation of the United States that "they will help" ... Hussein, the United States also agreed in words to enter Kuwait, and then they blamed everything on the "dictator"))
By the way, "Patriot" regularly passes Houthi missiles aimed at oil depots and airports in Saudi Arabia, and it has come to the point that they are showing interest in the "S-400"