Dagger blows up NATO headquarters in Ukraine


Dagger blows up NATO headquarters in Ukraine

The Greek edition of Pronews published information that the NATO command center in Ukraine was hit by a Russian supersonic Kinzhal missile, which led to huge losses among NATO officers. The missile, which is capable of reaching speeds in excess of Mach 10, hit the underground headquarters where NATO officials were based, including more than 300 people, including the British, Poles, Americans and representatives of private companies involved in communications and data transmission.

According to the publication, most of the victims are British and Polish, but there were also representatives of other countries. This is the first case of a massive attack on NATO personnel and it is not known how Western capitals will react to this. It is worth noting that this attack is a serious blow to NATO, as it means that Russia is able to hit objects in the depths of the territory, protected from conventional ammunition.

The situation may affect the conduct of Ukrainian and Western operations to stop the Russian offensive on Bakhmut, as many NATO members who were at the headquarters could be important figures in conducting operations and monitoring the situation on the battlefield.


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