China: 3 ship with items and we can not assemble C-400

On May 9, the official media of the PRC announced the holding of the first J-20 fighter jets at sea. These tests - an imitation of real fighting. The message was about the fact that the J-20 fighters were the first to detect the enemy, occupy advantageous positions before anyone and hit the fastest. The next day, foreign eyewitnesses reported that 8 in May, Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, took off on the island of Guam, got to Okinawa and turned in the opposite direction. Can these events be related?

There was new information regarding the first regimental kit of C-400 systems, bought from Russia. The military-diplomatic source said that the first regiment of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system was delivered to China. In China arrived the third ship, on which the missing auxiliary equipment was transported.

The acceptance of air defense systems by the Chinese side will begin in late May.

But if you believe the data from military reconnaissance aircraft, the third ship with auxiliary equipment to the C-400 system is still in the open sea, somewhere near Singapore and is moving at a speed of 26 km / h. According to preliminary calculations, the ship will go to its destination - the port of Tianjin 16 May in the late evening.

The C-400 regimental set was previously sent to China by three vessels, but on January 3, the ship “Nikifor Begichev”, moving through the English Channel, got into a heavy storm.

The deck of the ship and the auxiliary equipment of the C-400 missile system it was carrying were damaged.

Within a few hours after the disaster report, it was decided to return the sea transport to the port of Ust-Luga, Leningrad Region. Only 19 of January, after 10 days from the return of the ship to the port, the representatives of Russia made an official statement that this cargo vessel had a strong storm, which caused damage to the auxiliary equipment carried on board.

The remaining 2 cargo ships, transported by the bulk of the regiment of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system, reached China in early April. A Russian source reports that the third ship is also on the way to the PRC and will soon deliver the missing cargo.

The auxiliary equipment to S-400 was decided not to be reloaded to another ship, Nikifor Begichev continued to fulfill his task, but reached the Suez Canal only on 20 April.

The Chinese publication Sina.com accuses Russia of the fact that the Russian media are not the first to misinform China in the matter of supplying the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system. 18 January in the Russian media there were publications on the completion of the S-400 SAM supplies to China, but the next day it became known that one of the three ships carrying the transportation of the Russian air defense system fell into a severe storm in the English Channel and was to deploy back to the Russian port. Chinese fans of powerful weapons will have to wait for photos of the first missile launches with S-400 missile systems.

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The most interesting thing in history is that Russia wanted to hide the fact of failure to fulfill its obligations to China. Why did the government media lie and hide the fact of damage to the third ship? It was clear that they would be exposed

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