Helicopter Ka-52K
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Photo: CCTV


China announced a large-scale purchase of Russian Ka-52K helicopters

China has shown interest in Russian Ka-52K helicopters and is hoping for a major contract.

The PLA navy has shown great interest in the Russian Ka-52K attack helicopters, which are supposed to be used on type 075 universal amphibious assault ships. , Beijing is extremely interested in adopting them.

It is known that the Chinese delegation has already paid a visit to the Progress enterprise in Primorye, where it got acquainted with these combat vehicles, which China intends to acquire in a fairly large volume in the near future. Taking into account the needs of the PRC, it is likely that a contract between Moscow and Beijing will be concluded on the supply of at least 36 Ka-52K helicopters to the PLA Navy.

Among other things, China is especially interested in the Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers, which allegedly impressed the military command of the PLA with their amazing combat capabilities, and against the background of the emergence of an export version of this unique machine, China is probably already negotiating supplies. fighter-bombers for the PLA Air Force.

But what about the fact that China is screaming everywhere what is all its excellent?

If only the purchase is a VERY large batch. There is no doubt that they, as in other cases with military equipment, organize copying and unlicensed production.