China: if Su-35 is so good, why does Russia not arm them?

China believes that Russia is hiding the problems of Su-35 fighters.

Specialists from the PRC believe that in addition to high combat power and super-maneuverability, the Russian Su-35 fighter has a serious problem, which in Russia they prefer not to voice. The opinion of Chinese military experts is primarily due to the fact of the supply of these fighters to the Russian VKS armament - from 56 combat aircraft (according to data for the 2018 year - ed.), Only 10 units were transferred to the VCS, which indicates that Russia seeks to arm these machines.

“In the 2018 year, the Russian Air Force received a total of 56 fighters, of which only 10 fighters of the Su-35 model, which is 18% of the total. <...> If this plane is so good, why does Russia continue to buy less efficient Su-30? "- cites the words of the experts edition of "Sina".

Experts do not exclude that the main problem is expensive technology, which in fact, pumps out money, in connection with which, the volume of deliveries of these combat aircraft in the Russian Aerospace Force does not change.

At the same time, it should be clarified that today there are about a hundred Su-35 combat fighters in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces, and therefore, the arguments of Chinese experts are at least unfounded.