China threatens to completely block Taiwan Strait

Due to US threats, China intends to block the Taiwan Strait for any ships.

The Chinese authorities are considering the possibility of organizing a complete blockade of the Taiwan Strait for any ships moving through it. Given that in addition to US warships, Japan and South Korea are actively using the strait, this could be a very serious blow for Washington and US allies. At the same time, China is quite capable of ensuring the blockade of the strait, using its missile systems, warships and combat aircraft.

“China is taking its first bold step in international waters by threatening to “close the Taiwan Strait,” a key waterway that the US often uses to insist that “international law does not apply” to the strait. The Taiwan Strait is a vital highway for Japanese and South Korean tankers and cargo ships, and the US is deliberately sending warships there as part of its campaign for freedom of navigation in the region."- said Iranian journalist Khayal Muazzin.

Experts note that if China really announces the closure of the waters of the Taiwan Strait, then civilian ships are unlikely to even dare to approach it, knowing full well that in this case an extremely harsh response should be expected from Beijing. However, if the United States tries to arrange provocations here, then this may result in full-fledged clashes. Moreover, in this case, the United States has no chance of opposing China in any way due to its limited presence in this region.