China military


Does China want to “squeeze” two Russian military bases?

Two Russian military bases can go to the Chinese military.

China’s annual gratuitous allocation of large sums of money, and it’s about $ 150 million of “technical and economic assistance” (the total amount has already reached $ 750 million - approx. Ed.), As well as interest in Belarusian military facilities voiced by the Chinese media , may indicate that the PRC authorities may gain access to the Belarusian military facilities currently in use by the Russian military next year. We are talking about the same radar located in the south-west of Belarus, and a communication station in the north-western part of Belarus.

At the moment, it is known that negotiations regarding the extension of the agreement with Belarus have already been held, but their results have not yet been announced. Taking into account China’s interest in controlling the West, the PRC authorities may well gain access to these military facilities, for example, with a view to further modernizing them and using them for their own purposes.

Journalists from China pay attention to the fact that, at their range, the Volga radar can give China to control the launches of any missiles from Europe, and this is an additional tens of minutes to prepare for any NATO strike. Taking into account China’s interest in the Arctic, the communication station can be further modernized, which will allow China to maintain contact with its Fleet at a very large distance.

So far, no official statements have been made by the PRC on this subject, however, Belarus and China are quite actively cooperating in the military-technical sphere, in connection with which there are still risks for Russia to remain without military facilities.

If Russia withdraws from its military bases from Belarus, it is likely to destroy all its military facilities, leveling them with the ground.

Yes, the Chinese need to strengthen their western borders.