Chinese hypersonic aircraft model


China has experienced a new hypersonic aircraft

China has successfully completed testing of hypersonic aircraft.

At the moment, most of the information about the new Chinese hypersonic aircraft remains classified, but the open-source database information resource it became known that the aircraft can accelerate to 5 sound velocities, and in essence, it is the fastest to date, aircraft in the world.

It is necessary to clarify that the aircraft manufacturers in the US for nearly a decade engaged in the development of this aircraft, but because of the extremely high cost of the project, its implementation in the coming years 10-15 remains in doubt.

According to the Chinese Air Force, in the next 2, the aircraft will undergo modernization and receive combat weapons, and taking into account the flight performance, this aircraft will be simply unavailable for air defense systems and missile defense, which shows the high potential of the current project.


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