China launched a massive missile attack on an area with a British carrier strike group

China launched massive missile strikes against the deployment area of ​​the British AUG.

Against the backdrop of the provocative actions of Great Britain near the territorial waters of the PRC, China conducted significant military exercises. During the exercises, he launched large-scale missile strikes, including with the use of medium-range ballistic missiles, in the area near which the warships that are part of the aircraft carrier strike group led by the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth are located. We are talking about real missile launches, which, obviously, Beijing has demonstrated its readiness to attack intruder ships in case of the slightest provocation.

Judging by the images presented, we are really talking about large-scale missile launches, while sources report that cruise missiles and DF-26B ballistic missile systems were involved.

"China clearly demonstrates to London that it is better not to count on a repetition of the situation with the invasion of the country's territorial waters, since Beijing will be ready to immediately attack the intruder ships, and in the event of an escalation, a blow could be struck on other ships from the aircraft carrier strike group.", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that earlier the command of the British Navy announced that it would not create provocations off the coast of the PRC, however, judging by the current situation, London is still planning to send its warships to the coast of China.

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