Coast guard


China ordered to attack American ships without warning

The PRC Ministry of Defense allowed the crews of warships to attack American ships without warning.

The Ministry of Defense of the PRC decided to order the crews of the country's coast guard vessels to attack military and civilian ships without additional requests and warnings. Such an order was given after the US Navy aircraft carrier strike group approached the territorial waters of China, while the coast guard was allowed to prevent the passage of American ships, and in case of provocation and aggressive actions, to immediately attack the enemy.

Previously, the PRC coast guard did not have such powers and all issues had to be resolved through the country's Ministry of Defense, however, the published document indicates that the crews were able to use their weapons and seize any ships, and this applies not only to the territorial waters of the PRC. but also to the waters located near them, in the event of any potential danger.

It should be noted that on the eve of the day, China flew 6 strategic H-6K bombers and 15 fighters, which demonstrated to the US aircraft carrier strike group the readiness to use weapons, as a result of which the AUG was forced to interrupt its movement.