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China: nobody needs a falling Russian Su-57

In China, they refused to buy Russian Su-57 due to a plane crash.

The fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57, which crashed at the end of December, became another criticism from China. So, as follows from the material in the Sohu publication, the plane crash completely erased Beijing’s interest in these combat aircraft.

“Recently, according to media reports, Russia has been considering the possibility of exporting the Su-57 to China. Russia needs funds for further work with the aircraft project. The possibility of buying was also considered in China - we are talking about buying a limited batch of several cars. <...> After the Su-57 crash in the Khabarovsk Territory, the export route of a fighter to China is absolutely irrelevant. ”, - said in the publication material.

At the same time, China previously stressed that it is not the combat aircraft itself that is of particular interest, but its technology, in particular, it is about engines that provide the fighter with maximum maneuverability. However, due to the fact that the second stage engine for the Russian Su-57 is still not ready, it is too early to talk about the transfer of any technology to China.

Nevertheless, experts pay attention to the fact that China is quite strongly criticizing Russian fighters, not even owning information about their capabilities, and therefore, such opinions of experts are not objective.

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