Fighter of the sixth generation


China showed a sixth generation fighter based on the Russian Su-47

China has shown what the latest sixth generation fighter will look like.

Within the framework of the International Aviation and Space Salon Airshow China-2021 in Zhuhai, held in China, Chinese aircraft manufacturers presented a unique carrier-based fighter, which many have already dubbed the first carrier-based combat aircraft of the sixth generation. Nevertheless, experts drew attention to the fact that the Chinese combat aircraft has a similar design to the Russian Su-47 fighter, which was never able to go into production.

The photos presented by the local media show the latest Chinese combat aircraft. Despite the fact that so far we are talking exclusively about the layout, the fighter looks very futuristic. This, probably, was the reason for referring it to the sixth generation combat aircraft.

Based on the images of the Chinese carrier-based combat aircraft, experts concluded that we are definitely talking about an aircraft designed using "stealth" technologies. At the same time, judging by the rather compact size and some design features, the fighter can be controlled either directly by the pilot or in unmanned mode.

It should be clarified that earlier China showed quite a lot of interest in the Russian Su-47 "Berkut" fighter with a forward-swept wing. This is probably the reason for using this design as a base.

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The similarity with the Berkut is understandable
The forward sweep increases lift during takeoff.