China warned the US about the consequences for the downed balloon, preparing to hit American satellites

China threatens US with consequences for downed balloon.

After an American F-22 fighter shot down a Chinese reconnaissance balloon off the coast of South Carolina a few hours ago, the Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed dissatisfaction with Washington's actions, warning it of the serious consequences of such actions. According to the Chinese Foreign Minister, the United States treacherously attacked a civilian aircraft without taking any measures to land it safely, which also created a threat to the civilian population of the United States.

“The Chinese side expresses its strong dissatisfaction and protest against the use of force by the United States to attack a civilian unmanned balloon. China, after verification, has repeatedly notified the American side that the balloon is intended for civilian use.- said the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

At the same time, China may take action against the United States, using electronic jamming against US military and civilian satellites that are actively operating over Chinese territory.

However, experts note that the United States still acted quite legally, since the balloon was shot down in US airspace.




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