China has called in the army to suppress large-scale anti-government protests

The Chinese army has begun blocking protests in China's largest cities.

Columns of military equipment of the PLA were seen in several major cities in China at once. According to local sources, Beijing has decided to suppress anti-government protests and protests against tough anti-COVID measures with the involvement of the army, fearing that it will completely lose control of the situation.

Due to the blocking of access to the Internet, it is very problematic to get any information from the field. Nevertheless, journalists have at their disposal video footage showing how Chinese military equipment enters cities where protest marches of the population are observed. Video footage shows Chinese armored vehicles moving through the city of Xuzhou towards Shanghai, where there are also very strong protests.

To date, the largest protests are observed in Wuhan - only here the number of protesters is estimated at 50-60 thousand people. However, in addition to this, protests are observed in 11 more cities in China. This, estimated, indicates that the number of protesters reaches 200-300 thousand people.

Beijing has not yet officially commented on the situation with the protests in the country, however, the most acute anti-government protests are observed in Shanghai, where people are calling, among other things, for the illegal overthrow of the Chinese Communist Party.


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