China: Putin is afraid to overreact in the Middle East

Political scientists from China said that Russia no longer shows itself as a superpower in the international arena. In December last year, a very provocative article was published in the East Day edition with harsh criticism of President Putin’s actions, because of which Russia's positions as superpowers were shaken.

According to military analysts, Russia did not dare to oppose anything to two massive missile strikes on Syrian territory - did not fight off the existing air defense systems, and after the talks between the Russian president and Israeli Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Kremlin decided not to ship anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria , quite possibly, could allow to avoid the incident with the destruction of Russian IL-20.

“Russia is a superpower, military power and potential of which are comparable only with the United States. However, against the background of recent events, it became clear that Russia is gradually beginning to lose ground, which is confirmed by the weakness of the military forces thrown into Syria. This demonstrates Putin's "softness" - he does not hold the position "- says the author of the publication.

The article also focuses on the fact that American military aircraft do not stop flying over Syrian territory (northern and eastern parts of the SAR - approx. Ed.), Although the Russian side declared total control of the airspace over Syria, and Israel continues to bomb the SAR without coordination their blows with the Kremlin.

In addition, the frequency of air strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces has decreased, and some regions, as of the time of publication, were completely under the control of the militants.

The inaction of the military contingent can be explained by the Kremlin’s statement that it will not allow foreign interference in the internal affairs of Syria, and the military clash between Iran and Israel, which affected Syrian territory, goes beyond the promises of Russia. It is for this reason that the Russian air defense systems did not activate when repelling missiles launched from the territory of the Israeli state.

We pissed away our civil aviation, while the military is somehow holding on. The longer these sweet-voiced, deceitful leaders command the parade, the sadder the consequences. On the other hand, maybe we don’t need to be a world power. Maybe it's time to clean up at home, get rid of the thieves and establish a normal life.

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