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China: Putin tricked Israel and the US with "inflatable" rockets

Analysts from China believe that Russia uses anti-aircraft missiles in Syria.

Military experts from China, in an interview with the network of the East Day, told that the last air strikes of Israel and the United States on the Syrian territory left unanswered can remain so because most of the missiles sent by Russia to the territory of Syria are not military installations , but only imitates them.

"During their presence in Syria, the Russian military has never used its air defense systems - except for the attempts of the militants to attack the Russian military airbase Khmeimim with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with ammunition, and even then it is a question of antiaircraft missile-cannon complexes "Pantsir". If necessary, Russia could shoot down all the aircraft in the airspace of Syria, including the fighters of the Air Force of Israel and the US Air Force, but, for absolutely unknown reasons, it does not do this, substituting both its own military under blows and military personnel of other countries ", - says the publication.

Specialists have suggested that most of the anti-aircraft missile systems and systems delivered to Syria are only imitations.

"Arms" of Russia do have "rubber" air defense systems, the main purpose of which is to mislead the enemy. Given all of the above, it is logical to assume that the Russian army really deceived Israel and the US with its "inflatable" missiles. The only question is, will Russia be able to protect itself in the event of a real threat? ", - experts asked.

It should be clarified that the analysts of the East Day newspaper relied on the provocative arguments that appeared in the Ukrainian media several years ago, in particular, they are about C-300 complexes, various kinds of heavy equipment, etc., however, the current conclusions, voiced by the Chinese media, at least, can be called contrived, as there was no evidence of this.

Tell the truth Pasha, the way it is. But the Jews never become great! By building a temple, they will hasten the end of their doom ..... Ahir Zaman ...

From each iron you are told that Russian air defense from Syria
protects Russian bases. And really protects.
Check tried. Where did you get that our air defense is obliged
to the right and to the left to grind on all that flies ?? !! That the Third World War has already begun? The US or Israel declared war on us?

Special for metal? Yes you LOX !! Further, and you do not need to write, explaining that Russian metal and German immemorial competitors are useless. There is a parable about a ram and a new gate, so it's about you !!

idiots, still consider themselves experts. Russian systems of the PWO should not and do not have to shoot down planes and missiles over the Seria. To do this, there is a Syrian pwo. The Russian pvos are there only to protect Russian military facilities. And in general, the system of the pvo was created to protect military and strategic facilities, and not to protect the entire territory of any country.

Dima, you want war and to be a corpse, well ... You fly into any military object with the imitation of any dangerous object ... and we'll bury you ... And leave people with military equipment, Let them feel the salvation of Christ and eternal life Here on Earth and the Love of God to all ... All the military to beat weapons, burn ... Russia in Nato ... Small special units and forget the enmity of mankind forever ...

Of course, but all the "junk", under the brand name of mad in China, Marcians around the world, secretly, are delivered))))

Puffed up not rockets and poor Russian citizens

And with whom have you gathered the union of nations to create, darling? From Vova, everyone has turned away. And to punish the sanctions of others, you need to have weight in the global economy, and not 3 deadweight. About the metal you blurted dashingly, but by, as ship steel and tank armor of the Russian Federation purchases in Germany, and from ours tried to blind Armata ... the result you know. About chemical weapons, you are generally at zeros, because to throw a bomb with chlorine, you need a plane and brains, and you have neither one nor the other.

In Russia, people have always been valued cheaper than technology, women are narrating and a rocket of money is worth spending

Michael, do not judge the whole state by yourself!

what kind of union, Carlos, and in a year another from all of us will turn away, who will be an ally with such a cowardly state? They are afraid to squeak against the west, money is all there, but what if they take it away?

And Th, it's normal ... On 10 inflatable 1-2 these present, and on the sidelines a microwave with an open door and a working magnetron, such as a radar. If any aircraft opens fire on the battery, turn on the real radar, aim and disengage the aircraft, so that others do not like it.

It's more fitting to say that I did not deceive, but I cheated.

And I guess that China itself is inflatable and in reality does not exist.)))

Russia does not have a corporation for earning super profits to oligarchs. For whom do you puff feathers? for the Deripaska

And what will China say if the rubber complexes start shooting? and who then deceives whom and why should we shoot if no one attacks?

Who is surprised at this news-did not serve in the CA

We know the Crimean bridge, etc., and it is not necessary to scratch a lot of the tongue, in the mouth of the ax, it is worth remembering not to get hurt.

So it is clear that the play is galled with the blood of the Arabs of Syria in order to drive everyone out and destroy for Israel, the cinema is played for people, and they themselves help Israel create a great Israel and thereby help bring the world's last king of antichrist, the so-called Jewish Messiah, to power Indeed, if they wanted and really were allies with Syria and Iran, no one would fly by without all been shot down, Russian weapons are excellent, but now in Syria another game under the guise of the type of oil and geopolitical interests, now both the US and Russia are plowing on Jews in all the shoulder blades and no wonder all the loot then they have all the levers of influence, if the superpowers are for Israel, then the whole world for them and for them plows, unless Iran only opposes it, but this will break nothing, build their third temple in Jerusalem, and then there will remain a little to the end

really true. One of the complexes in the air flew. and riding it is someone who rocked.

War is the art of deception.

And I would not be surprised if it's true. Rubber missiles and tongue without bones, that's all we have.

but you try! by tyke method then you will know.

On the Kursk Bulge, there were such requirements for camouflage in spacecraft that special. Po-2 planes looked out at low level for the positions of infantry, artillery and tanks, if they found out, they dropped the pennant "You are hit"! And now! Aha! They will show you until the hour "H", wait!

Again, China invented nonsense ...

And I do not exclude that they are there, not all of course, but who are they from the air then sort out, and you do not want to risk anyone

These are not rubber missiles - this is the power of latex

The West will never calm down, once having tasted the taste of "blood," it will continue to let it all over the world until it gets a weighty slap.

Russia must create its own union of the united nations or the USSR and punish all these henchmen with sanctions by its all our metal and so on, they do not have heavy metallurgy like us. All this is a provocation about chemical weapons, why should the Syrians apply it if half the families returned home to a peaceful life. And about Trump, I think that he has a bad head buddy, he needs to heal and not manage the country.



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