C-500 SAM


China: Russia buries American hypersonic technology, but falls short of Chinese

In China, they admired the Russian S-500 air defense system, but noted its problems.

Chinese news agencies have shown admiration for the Russian Prometheus C-500 anti-aircraft missile systems, stating that they are making the US hypersonic weapons program completely hopeless, but at the same time, with the maximum speed of targets hit by Russian Prometheus, 7 km \ s., They do not reach the level of Chinese hypersonic weapons.

“The C-500 system can intercept even complex targets, the speed of which can reach 7 km \ s, which puts an end to the American program of hypersonic technologies. Nevertheless, the Russian missile defense system turned out to be worse than expected, and some Chinese hypersonic missiles (obviously, we are talking about DF-41 - approx. Ed.) Are superior to Prometheus ”- Journalists report.

It is noteworthy that the characteristics of the Russian S-500 air defense systems are not officially disclosed, and therefore, the indicated maximum speed of intercepted targets may be unreliable, however, the very fact that Russia created the world's first system capable of combating hypersonic missiles is already significant achievement.

Ohhh, of course, your rockets are beautiful, but they are dumb, well, i.e. they are worse than our Chinese, but not everything is so bad, they are slightly better than American))) So now you can tell your people in the news that someone is five hundred better than even Americans and Americans are afraid again)