China: Russian hypersonic missile is very vulnerable

Chinese experts told about the vulnerabilities of the Russian hypersonic missile.

The newest Russian hypersonic aviation complex "Dagger" attracts more attention from foreign military experts, experts and analysts. Some of them believe that in reality, the missile developed in Russia is not hypersonic, but can only travel at supersonic speed; some believe that the rocket exists, but because of low reliability it can not effectively hit targets.

In the online edition of "East Day", an article appeared in which military experts from the PRC spoke about the main vulnerabilities of the Russian hypersonic missile and how it could be combated in the near future.

According to experts, a hypersonic missile has indeed appeared in service with the Russian military, but it is not as invulnerable as it is presented. Analysts believe that the movement of the rocket in space can be monitored using special sensors that register infrared radiation.

"Given the official data, as well as a video recording of the launch of the missile as part of the ARC" Dagger ", it can be stated that this ammunition creates strong infrared radiation, which can be registered using special sensors located on military satellites. Thus, it is possible to collect all information about the flight of the Russian hypersonic missile ", - says the publication.

Experts believe that the process of destroying a missile is also quite feasible, however, standard missile defense systems will not do this, but a powerful military laser can be used for such purposes.

"Laser weapons are perfectly suitable for the destruction of missiles like the one used in the hypersonic complex" Dagger ". Ie, in fact, the information from the satellite will be transmitted to the computer controlling the laser, and he will send a powerful impulse capable of destroying the rocket ", - experts note.

Among other things, experts suggested that the Russian hypersonic missile would not be suitable for action at long distances, because because of the hypersonic speed, it would undergo heating and, most likely, explode earlier than it would hit the target.

Chinese experts can only lick the others, and at least some breakthrough idea in addition to gunpowder and silk in life embodied? All their opinions about our advanced developments from the field of assumptions, not facts.

and you're funny, you at least know that 10km / s is 29 and a multiple speeding of the sound, nothing that hypersound is considered to be the rockets accelerating above 5 and the speed of sound. 2km / s - this is 5.8 speed of sound, physics, teacher, schoolboy

in my opinion all morons here, and you in the first place, nothing that the complex "dagger" modification of the Iskander? nothing that iskander solid ballistic missile? Nothing that the carrier of the MIG-31, nothing that it is a high-altitude fighter and nothing that it can develop the speed of 3.5 sound? the totality of everything, the rocket will have at least an initial 2.5 speed of sound, at a high altitude, which does not require the use of fuel to climb this altitude and accelerate, so that it (the rocket) can use this fuel for additional. acceleration, say to 5 the speed of sound, and then behave like an ordinary ballistic missile, falling to correct the point of impact with the rest of the fuel.

There it is, Mihalych ... and I thought there was no sound in the cosmos, and the movement except for the ballistic trajectory there is limited by the fuel reserves ... and here, the rocket that misses the second space all 1.2km / s, flies, her mother, directly in the atmosphere. In short, Andrei - you're dumb, like a cork.

no unbreakable missiles

Hypersonic have a speed above 10 km / s. And they do not fly on a ballistic trajectory. The 2km / s you specified are slow targets

We have a laser, amerikosy this has not figured out yet, beats satellites in orbit from the ground, shoots like in a movie impulses after a shot, as if it's an unheard-of calm until the moon finishes, soon orasecretize years through 5-10.
We have a laser amerikosy this has not yet figured out how to knock satellites off the ground shoots like in the movie impulses after the shot, as if it's an unheard-of calm until the moon finishes, soon it will be cut back in five to ten years.

Where could I take another laser that can shoot down missiles. So far, they are not even in China, not to mention America. As correctly noted here, the laser pointer does not work here.

The Chinese should make an Aladin lamp

Chinese comrades have increased the production of laser pointers, in their opinion this is a true means of combating hypersonic missiles

The laser is a conditional weapon of the 3 class ...
"It" only works in excellent visibility conditions ...

Hmm .... it can be seen then its yes it is seen well) that's just nothing to knock it down) the speed is beyond the limit --- there is not such an anti-missile at a speed to knock it down

But something must be said ...

Let me get closer to the original source: "Have you already heard this news? Katz won a million dollars in the casino!" "Oh-wei, don't make me brains! Not dollars, but rubles, not a thousand dollars, not in a casino, but as a fool and did not win, but lost ... But otherwise everything is correct!"

In the time of conflict, the first blow will be over the space constellation of satellites. All analysts in quotes know about this. And they are silent by the fact that they do not fuck not know what is flying in space and what is installed on them. And which countries this space hreni will remain more in orbit, the easier it will be to fight. And about the victory in a nuclear war, it's a grandmother for two said. Live in the radioactive world is this happiness? And V.V. he does the right thing as he can, if he does not prevent the conflict, [at least he will alienate him for a while.

Undoubtedly, the range and speed declared at the time of development are achievable and realistic, but in connection with the fuel price hike in the last month, the rocket will be only half driven and it will fly slowly and far, either quickly but close, or instead of two and a half tank, one . And can the central bank stop buying US government bonds, and those that are bought to sell back? And the money to lend, for example, to our farmers is not for 1,5%, but as much as 3%, I think they will gladly take such interest in the currency at such interest and by the end of the year they will give up without batting an eyelid, and they will even harvest the harvest. Here it will be a blow so blow, more terrible than all the rockets that already exist or will be ... But this is all unfortunately dreams.

I figured it out. To rocket with large wings weighing 1 ton, fly at an altitude of 3 km, the distance of 800 km, with an audio speed of about 300 m per second, you need to launch it from the plane at high altitude, with great speed. Then on 800 km cruise missile will need about 3 tons of jet fuel. To be at a hypersonic speed, 1.5 km per second, at an altitude of 3 km, fly on the wings of 800 km, jet fuel needs 15 tons. But you can reduce fuel consumption. To do this, you accelerate the plane to an altitude of 15-20 km, where you launch a rocket to an altitude of 70 km, from where it is accelerated to 2 km per second on a glide path. And here is the result like it is. But! It's a good high altitude goal. It is visible on all radars for 200 km. And it's easy to knock it down. And why do we need such a rocket? Why deceived the president?

Have you heard that Katz won a hundred thousand in the lottery?
Yes, only not one hundred thousand, but a hundred rubles and not in a lottery, but in poker and did not win, but lost.
Kitaychata want to sell their "weapons". And who is the main competitor?

Some write that the dagger can not fly at such speeds, others write that it flies to a shorter range and finally the Chinese are recognized-flies, flies quickly .... but to knock it down easily! In short, the conclusion is all in horror from the new Russian missiles, but to admit it is very embarrassing.

Who writes these comments, professionals or chatterboxes, our engineers created in your opinion without taking into account all the factors?

The creation of hypersonic missiles became possible after the application of new physical phenomena that almost completely eliminate friction when a rocket is flying in any environment. The rocket practically does not heat up, since there is almost no friction of its body against the medium. The way to eliminate friction is the know-how of our scientists.

molybdenum-titanium sputtering? -shall burn for the first 4 seconds of flight ...

It does not go into space.

If the product in the process of flight is strongly heated but withstands strong heating, then is it logical to assume that it will withstand a strong but short-lived heating from the laser pulse?
Here is the ICBM Satan is equipped with thermal protection, which allows it to overcome the nuclear mushroom
So it was immediately announced that it was hit by a flying laser (based on a Boeing at that time) absolutely hopelessly

Well, China does not have such a rocket, so they write all kinds of nonsense. You can probably track it, but it's impossible to knock it down. And this narrow-eyed perfectly understand.

You want to know what other people think of you, listen to their children. You want to know what the state is preparing for, listen to their military analysts

What nonsense is written here? The message may be correct: the rocket will indeed be visible on the infrared radar. However, did someone say that it would not be visible on conventional radar? But the satellite-laser bundle is complete nonsense. There, the signal transmission delays will be such that the very minimum maneuvering will be enough for the "dagger" to hit any laser.

Thanks for the silk, for the gunpowder, for the paper, for the compass.
rest, experts from the Middle Kingdom))

Information from a satellite that monitors the flight of our hypersonic missiles will be transmitted to the combat laser control system, if it is not blocked by electronic warfare systems, as well as if the satellite is not destroyed. The probability of the survival of the satellite in future wars will be rather small, and the probability of the survival of the "Dagger" will, in this case, be extremely high.

Chinese battle laser, except for the dazzle of the pilot is not capable of anything. Therefore, to destroy the dagger is better than a slingshot ...)))))))

Stupid. It flies on hypersound in near space (> 20 km) without overheating. And then it falls like a stone from above. The passage of dense layers of the atmosphere is very fast and will not have time to collapse, unless it hits a ship.

Amerikosam help AvtoBoty!

if you make a missile with a mirror color, you can not destroy a rocket with a laser)

They can not think of anything themselves. Always copy and degrade everything, but there too ..

The object flying in hypersound is surrounded by a cloud of plasma.
Thermal imprint, is yes. But the laser beam will be scattered by this cloud, and it will not cause harm. Here only kinetic
kick will help. And in the hypersonic missile still need to get.

No, a laser at an altitude of 30 km. Will not fly in a rocket, only a gravitational cannon taken from a flying saucer will help, which the Yankees will drive from their super invisible ship by an electromagnetic gun.

Brains you do not have)

At least the Chinese like that it's silly to talk about this, because. the reliability of Chinese military equipment, its resource and maintainability raise huge questions. Considering the fact that the bulk of his armaments are copies of still Soviet designs.

on your scenario, all spacecraft should explode when entering the dense layers of the atmosphere - but they do not explode - although they fly like fireballs

It was too stupid to write. What kind of laser? - the rocket went into the cloud and the laser can be turned off as unnecessary. Especially since in the arsenal of a normal combat laser there is not and we do not plan anybody in the world - only laser ponies on TV for suckers.

No, they understand everything, just oriental people - they can not say so straightforwardly your wooden parquet model requires impregnation with a non-combustible compound. Chinese courtesy.

The dagger is equipped with its own solid-propellant jet engine and without cooling the reactor, it will not even take off, so that they are in vain, they will not explode to the point, it will reach China precisely))

The Chinese simply do not understand that there is no hypersonic missile - they are in vain tensed

The Chinese are partly right - to detect the thermal radiation from such a loop is not a problem at all. To bring down yes, it will be more problematic, so the prospect of the Dagger is only determined by several years

What a lie ?! What kind of China and its experts, if from all this fake tufts ears and muzzle of the CIA stick out !!!?

Th more trifle then? .., a laser ... a laser ... Chinese can do one kung fu or aliens with a military alliance to conclude.) 0 although kung fu is real)))

"... not suitable for long range operations, as due to its hypersonic speed, it will heat up and most likely explode before it hits the target."
To chickens for laughter these Chinese nonsense