China: Russian Su-57 is cannon fodder

In China, they talked about the futility of the Russian Su-57.

China continues to actively criticize the Russian fifth-generation fighter Su-57, saying that in reality this aircraft is not even a fifth-generation fighter and is several times inferior to Chengdu J-20 combat aircraft.

“Russia now does not have fifth-generation fighter jets, just as there are no corresponding technologies, and China should not waste money (buy Su-57E). J-20 at times surpasses him. With the lack of invisibility technology, this plane turns into cannon fodder. We need to look for quantum radar technology. ”, - gives the information "Military Review", Citing publications in the Chinese media.

It is not known how exactly the PRC established that the Russian Su-57 is “cannon fodder”, but at the same time, China became interested in the technologies used to create the Russian combat aircraft.

“You can buy several of these aircraft. Then we can find out all the vulnerabilities of our aircraft ”, - provides a comment on the article.

According to analysts, even if Russia finds buyers of Su-57 fighters, deliveries of these combat aircraft will begin no earlier than 2025.


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