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China: Putin's planes and missiles began to take positions

Chinese experts said that Russia is giving up the position of a superpower.

A few days ago, an article was published in the Chinese edition of East Day, in which experts from the PRC reproached the President of the Russian Federation for essentially giving up Russia's position as a superpower. This is due, according to analysts from the PRC, primarily by the fact that Russia completely ignored the last two massive air and missile strikes on Syrian territory, without using its air defense systems, and after the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu, Russia completely announced no intention to supply Syria with S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems.

"Russia is a superpower, equal in its military power and potential of the United States. Nevertheless, recent events have shown that this country is gradually beginning to surrender its positions, which is expressed by the weakness manifested in Syria, although initially, Russia promised to protect Syria from any external threats. All this demonstrates Putin's weakness - he is giving up his position ", - says the publication.

Among other things, the publication reports that the US Air Force planes continue to fly over the territory of Syria (the northern part of the country controlled by the United States - ed.), Which is at odds with the data provided by Russia on the full control of the airspace of the Syrian Arab Republic. Moreover, the Russian Aerospace Forces have become much less likely to air strikes on terrorist positions - over the past few days, only a few air defenses have been recorded, although there are regions in which settlements are completely controlled by militants.

On the other hand, it is important to take into account that earlier Russia declared non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, and the military conflict between Israel and Iran that affected the territory of Syria is in this category, which is probably why Russian systems Air Defense was not used to destroy missiles launched by the Arab state of the Israeli side.

Everything is clear about chocolate! Tkachev said that in the Russian Federation four years in a row a crop failure of coffee beans !!!

And it would not be bad to collect you "all the scarecrows" to call on and send to fight, you see the dope from your pumpkins has disappeared, of course, if they were still alive.

Would you be better? no? well, like this....

+ One addition China is not over the power.

Are you so keen to die?

I'm not sure, I think that nuclear winter is a bluff, and the coming war will be long and bloody. And China would be silent if he was alive while Russia was standing, we would not be crooned and he and very quickly.

It is neither on high mountain. And in the cellar (type
we can see everything from the cellar)

These attacks were insignificant, mostly not by Americans and not by especially important, protected targets. The goal is one that would fully illuminate the air defense, detect and destroy before a serious global attack. Our leaders did not take this into consideration and revealed other variants of developments with a global strike. "The Russians are harnessed for a long time, but quickly go," Chinese chatter does not cost anything. The big risk will roll into the global conflict. In the other world, no one is in a hurry. The restraint shows strength and confidence on the contrary.

smart-ass Chinese want on our hump in paradise to enter. it will not work. Putin is still playing in the war, and they need to be serious, of course, of course, but I think that on the same day, the war for all will end, in general.

There is nothing to be surprised at here. Pure marketing. Criticism of competitors is the same as advertising their own, the next step is the supply of their goods as an alternative. And so, also the authority of a stranger to replace one. Eastern tradition!

And not Shota Rustaveli? ...

And where did the Chinese show their "coolness"?

The usual Chinese tactic is to sit on a high rock and watch. how the lion is fighting with a tiger. In some cases, such tactics are justified, but. in truth, no matter how they acted, they would not lose.

Of all the fuss between the US, Russia and the EU, it is the Chinese who are the winners, starting with energy resources and ending with the purchase of seaports, these cunning asses are substituting for themselves all over the world. And the fact that the Chinese began to speak out to their "friends" of Russia, then any sane person understood that the Chinese needed Russia as a raw material appendage and, as soon as they got it all, they would immediately throw us down and then they would ask questions about our land. will begin, only our tsar and his government do not understand this, or maybe they do and they still climb, which is even worse

absolutely right!

You vumnaya still do not understand that now everything is done for someone's benefit. So all these conversations, in particular about how to compensate for the oligarchs, but what else would those doing for their country, forbid.

China is profitable to piss Russia off. If the Russian Federation and the United States destroy each other, the PRC will remain the world hegemon. And they did not send a can of cans to Syria.

So let Iran and blow up these warehouses, if they are near ..

Given such assessments, the Chinese publication does not need to forget that China, at the moment, buys from Russia advanced weapons, including aircraft, bombers, missiles ..

As soon as Putin met with Netanyahu, especially as Israel bombed Syria, it became clear, and we already know it, that he is lobbying for Israel's interests. It's just that he himself is a Jew, he does not touch his own. And Erdogan correctly said, Israel is a terrorist state parasitizing others, they have developed many methods of covert war, which he applies to us. And there is nothing human in them, everything is cut off in the first week after birth ...

It has long been known that the Chinese are sitting on the shore and waiting for the corpse of the enemy to pass by! Is not the PRC itself a superpower, especially a Communist, hostile to US imperialism? But something is struggling with IGIL in Syria and only the Russia helps the Donbas. Struggle with other people's hands to carry chestnuts out of the fire most easily.

What is a superpower ?! Do not make me laugh! From what then suddenly everyone decided that our army had become stronger. Bomb EGIL anyone can, even Luxembourg if desired. As always, as something serious begins, our caulk

Well, you are a lion, you yourself probably have been lying under Amer for a long time, and even podmahivaesh.Za green!

Well, these facts as you say do not prevent us from being anyway a superpower, even if we are an appendage of the raw material state, as you said, that we with our military budget are tens of times smaller than the US in arms, it's much stronger here, you have one more. An undeniable fact

And you badly live?

"Everyone imagines himself a strategist, seeing the battle from the side" (C) Bagration.

I do not agree with you! The most important service of Putin, that he did not let break Russia, like the USSR! But they stood on the edge of the abyss! And only then the Crimea, the Arctic and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk! And we need Syria! Why did the Americans on Assad soar, and for all the same Qatari gas in Europe, the old woman! He did not give to pull the gas pipeline on his territory, that's what Europe needs to buy from Russia. In Syria, not the owners, but Putin, as if the tramp did not shout from the rostrum about victory! The whole world knows who the winner is! Syria is very necessary for us, so that the Pentagon is not so free in the Mediterranean Sea! Now we are the hosts there. Through mesyatsok the answer will be for all the frills of America and K! We only have to hold the championship ... We'll hold and answer! Still as we shall respond !!!

Well, "smart", to criticize is not turning bricks ... What have you done for prosperity and a good life? Probably heavier than a spoon and your "x ..." you don't lift anything ...

all to the point!

If you are a great connoisseur in politics, you must know how to spell the name of Primakov correctly.

The standard of living has risen? In 2014 the famous brand chocolate cost 36 rub. Now 99-105rub. Further, there is no sense to enumerate ... s / n is rumored to be indexed only in a separate state of Moscow. For 10 years it has not grown ... already 2 the wave of hyperinflation was during this time.

you are right. you are not lucky with Russia after the overthrow of the tsar-father.

All of Russia is working to ensure that people live well in America, it became clear after the collapse of the USSR

Putin has nothing to do with it. Syria's problems are solved by Syria, Iran-Iran problems, Israeli problems-Israel.
Putin talked about non-interference, so he does not interfere.

Of course it's better to lie down under Iran, Turkey - you see no other way for Russia. Themselves probably spent their lives in this position and liked it ...

America wants to unleash the war of Europe with Russia has long been understandable. Our neighbors China and Japan are waiting for an outcome that would squeeze out of us part of the territory. The Japanese will finally solve the issue with the Kuriles and China. The Far East will podomnet.Potetomu China benefit that would quickly all this has already begun podzhuchivaya Russian Chinese military probably already stand ready and their content is worth a lot of money ... not an easy situation

"Clever", pragmatic .... You say ... Crimea, the Arctic ... A coward, a C grade student at school, he runs the country with a "top three" ... If not for EM Premakov he would have slept through the Crimea ... Having such opportunities and conjuncture, practically little has been done in 20 years ... He threw out the utter theft, which never happened in Russia ... In 20 years, capital worth 4 trillion dollars was exported from Russia ... could have been done in Russia for 4 trillion dollars ?! I think that Zhirik would have done better several times!

So the fools are bred for a fight in the street! So the Chinese - and you are no longer a superpower, you are afraid to sell missiles, you do not answer the blows of Americans, etc. And they themselves sit and do not climb anywhere according to the saying - when two tigers fight, better sit on a hill and watch. Well done ...

ALEXEI RIGHT. And amateurs-dobrezhevateley, like gadayuschih where they eat and sleep-in the country in bulk. It would be necessary to clean!

And how much and what was destroyed during the reign of the "sweet couple", including in the defense sphere, converted into dollars and withdrawn to offshore, did not count?

It's easier to lie under the oligarchs led by Putin and live in the dermis, but without war, than to fight for the future of their descendants.

If the Germans won, you simply would not exist! Learn it.

Mark, would you like the war with IGIL to be in Moscow? Or is it better than Damascus?

And who prevents us from sitting and zyrit like that, how do wide-eyed mordas clean the pindos?

Well, let's even contrive to sit on a tree and have fun, having set great eyes with pindos. He probably forgot about the multitrack genius, Sratech!

Yes, do not scare, let them stand first!

There was a raid from Lebanon, two minutes of summer and the Jews used bombs that were planned up to 100 kilometers. And natanyahu zabaltyval this situation in Moscow for the celebration 9 May.
And the Jewish press writes-Natanyahu notified Moscow of the blow but did not say where.

Keeping a blow, is this like? constantly lies under the US and Israel? Constantly betrays his allies in Syria? Yes, you have a strange idea of ​​holding a blow

swing to the ruble and a blow to the penny again crap and Putin and gerasimov and Shoigu ashamed gentlemen if you say do it and amerikosy and Jews do and keep quiet

And what is better when the enemy tanks near Moscow again will stand?

You would have also all the blue-eyed Russian Fascists now naked and do not take out !! He would have lived, he would have been a footman! And then the FASSIK was still stupid and did not know who the tact Russian! Learn the story !!))))

I know one thing the US is Russia's enemy! And will try to translate the Anaconda plan! As long as they get it, the USSR is under a slope! The republics are set to negatively softly say. Putin is holding a blow.

I doubt very much that Putin does not know what he is doing. all the previous problems clearly show that he calculates the situation 2-3 moves ahead ... if now the Israeli planes and floating craft of the coalition are not destroyed, then it must be so. Have you seen the articles of the frightened militant commanders in Syria that someone will quietly liquidate them (the command staff) and they blame Russia for this? what prevents the same (quietly) to shoot the "gentlemen" at the American base in Syria? or do something else without advertising your participation?

In our country for a long time already there was no such clever and pragmatic ruler. Our Crimea. In the Arctic Ocean again our bases. The Sea of ​​Okhotsk is recognized by the Russian territory. The army is reared. Fifth economy in the world. The standard of living has risen even in the alignment with the Soviet era. It remains only to work and not chew snot nudging their own failures to power.

I do not fully understand what we are doing there? That's what they say they say the Qatari gas will go to Europe ... utter nonsense!

We have won victories for the annexation of the Crimea for 100 years ahead. All the rest is a mouse fuss. Everyone: Amers, Jews, Ukrainians, said this topic. As now amers from this rage. How many plans were in the Crimea. Places for the deployment of headquarters of groupings have already been planned. If someone else's intelligence out of the listed at least suspected that the cameras immediately at the request of the Ukrainian government brought troops to Yevpatoria Yalta and Sevastopol would simply be blocked. Now this kick is so kick. And in Syria, not enough of that controlled territory on which could drag the gas pipe to Europe. That's why the Turkish and northern-2 streams were born. Mission accomplished. And Nehru here is a topic. And the igil is so for training the VX tests of the rework of calibers and the shooting of old ammunition. And we do not need this Syria for anything else. As on 9 May nitanyahu in Moscow obyomtel.Tak who rules there?

Do not interpolate your opinion on society, especially since your opinion is flawed. We glory to God, the people are much smarter than you.

Gee. exactly who to bomb when all the children of our helmsmen live in London london washington paris and they all loot there as well and hacienda with villas so for the people arut all we care and in fact do what you want only our loot do not touch

parity there is no population of Russia in 3 times less

While the two lions are fighting the Chinese wants to sit out on the tree ...

Putin also knows this proverb

And the Palace of officials does not matter ...?

Our wadded downs cannot be explained that Putin and the whole system in general has rotted long ago, it didn’t even rotten under the Jews, Putin’s friend Berl Lazar, Putin himself is a latent Jew, the children of Putin, Lavrov and many many "patriots" live abroad. Russian genocide is being committed, we are now losing the Russian ethnos, the country is being populated by migrants and Caucasians, given that there are not even enough local jobs. Russians who stayed abroad in 91m dynamites when obtaining Russian citizenship, these are 7 circles of hell you need to go through to get a passport. But cotton wool eats the May XNUMX bacchanalia honoring multinational grandfathers about whom they do not even remember on other days. Yes, it would be better if Hitler had won, at least this Jew would not exist in Russia. And we would get along with the Germans considering that we are Russians as white as the Germans. It was even the Wehrmacht soldiers who noticed when, instead of narrow-eyed barbarians, they met fair-haired and blue-eyed people.

The favorite parable of the Chinese about how two tigers fight at the mountain, and on the mountain the king of monkeys sits and joyfully watches how they fight and weaken each other.
It is necessary for Russia to start a world carnage for the sake of some kind of Arabs, and it is not necessary for Pindos.
Therefore, both of these glory to God act prudently and accurately.

The Israelites are idiots. Well, it is worthwhile to organize the fall of some old f-16 or Kfir to the Syrian territory-to declare -mil works Pantsyr. What a joy for both Russians and Iranians and Syrians. And so what, they'll write off all this crap The armor with CNNUMX and KB will be closed-they will buy Patriots for petrodollars and Americans will be hired in the VCS.

Russia does everything cleverly and calmly the main thing Russia has done has driven the igilovites away from the main civilization, now there will be less evils from them and China hastily and recklessly accuses Russia of its weaknesses why they do it is incomprehensible for Russia its tasks and what it must have done successfully and will do as believes it is necessary and China does not have a decree, let it be better to think about it, but Russia will be able to protect itself from any aggressor so calm China

The Ames created igil, we are only fighting with China and China. The rest only, stick in the wheel, insert.

Well, nothing !!

And your Americans, even the wild IGIL could not win until Russia got there.

Listen, "Russian" you offer something of your own, maybe then they will believe you. And then you are a master at throwing mud at everything, not being able to do anything yourself.

Russia is a country of patience, let's see what will happen with the next EXCE from the US?

China is a monkey that patiently waits until finally two tigers kill each other. America’s confrontation with Russia is beneficial, the more blood the better

And you come to Russia. Nakormim.

Putin betrayed his own people, his anti-people policy is proof of this. Lying and promising his horse, that here to be surprised at the dishonesty towards his ally, first promised the golden mountains, and then in the bushes. You need to watch with words, and if you promise, do it.

Sergey Durak! so really it will be right for you. because of such as you are a country and Russian people are doomed to extinction! go to the nearest cemetery and see what price you returned to Crimea! moron!

And when did he keep it?

And on whose interesting money China has risen so much, whose production on its territory, who is the largest holder of American debt, they are free from the opportunity to make their own decisions. There is a very serious game in Syria, do not believe your eyes and ears. We are the new America, store popcorn and make yourself comfortable.


I would put things in order, people have nothing to eat, one lies of the media only eats the people of the richest country

And the chinos live better and better. Production, roads, railway lines - we do not have such. Well, except aircraft and missiles.

What have you achieved in your life?

Your truth! I have not looked at a box for a long time: listen to these inexperienced - arrogant and hamovityh. Yes they mock us.

no. Putin is a great president, a great country.

it's strange to read that turkey .. and then we are to Syria and I would like to hear a more intelligible answer 2g we are and then into the bushes

Russia has long been sold.

In Syria, the intertwining of many contradictions. Not all of them are ours.

That's who elected him, that bullshit in my head ... For 18 years, a man sold Russia in parts and in bulk, to his friends and the West, and did nothing for the future of Russia, weapons, this is not the future, the USSR had it, for the whole world and that, it is necessary to invest in people, into the economy for the people, and not to militarize the country, thinking only of preserving its throne. So you will not save the throne and the country will fall apart

You can not sell everything in your country first, thinking that you have received an indulgence from the West, as a result, the country became vulnerable from all sides, and especially from a financial gang consisting mainly of Zionists, and now to slur a small and large spoon in the same Syria, Ukraine otherwise the cat under the tail of the Championship and all the money stolen from the people ...

The lag is slow but irreversible

It is possible that the new 6 years will be the last for Putin as the first person. During this time, you need to make peace with the West, ensure your continued safety from persecution and carefully prepare the paths for immigration ...

At first, the inauguration was said to pass, then ... Now football is spoken. Yes, do not care about this football. What difference does it make where they will play.

You need all the war? China hid behind Putin's back, but what would really support even the UN language put in one place.

To a fig ready, at whom fists are scratched. There are those who do not feed bread, but let them fight. And if also for a just cause ... And if you pay them ... About contract soldiers heard?

You watch any TV show. The assembly of the sons of Israel. All political experts are boys from the promised land. Jakob Koreiba and that Polish Jew. And we will continue to languish in poverty and lack of rights. In how.

PRC sells products of environmentally polluting industries, which it brought there. This is the basis of its exports, well, cheap consumer goods. Robotics removes from there and labor-intensive production. China does not buy all high-tech West. The Chinese want to belittle our weapons to buy his gun shit.

A bunch of uncomprehending idiots, who do not understand politics at all, dare to blame the president of a great country.

Putin - Zhid, And he is controlled by the Jews. What can we expect from him? Voronezh will probably be bombed ...

Clearly stated

I completely agree. It seems that Putin is trying not to offend anyone, and such an attempt to land on several chairs is immediately fraught with ... With his experience, it is high time to understand this. The same goes for Donbass. The position should be clear and specific. This is respected by everyone. And then he can only defend Medvedev vpik people. And Syria really promised protection. It is a pity that he often does not keep his word. It's a shame. Pride in the state disappears.

I clearly explain that the Olympic Games are like a war in a peaceful channel, the honor of the country, the flag, the coat of arms, etc., when you go without it you are dishonest, the ship, the plane, the territory of the embassy is the birthplace of the state - when these things cease to violently defend, you become a shame that no one in the world respects what you Syria in general say, here the Syrians themselves would not tolerate such a disgrace.

Technique 60 years of release, what do you want? Navrjadli there is at least one plane older than 70 years. And it's already customary to betray, first your people are fed chemistry, etc.

Ready to advance in the front ranks?

Let them say that China does not bring down hypersonic missiles.

Completely agree with you, for all 100%

Then we had nothing to open our mouths and yell that we would protect the Syrians from any threat, no one dragged us behind the tongue, and now the Chinese speak the right way, we will once again give the Chinese warning to 333.

No matter how late it was later.

With Israel's help, Russia makes it clear to Assad that today the presence of the Iranian Armed Forces only harms Syria. That it is time to ask Iran to leave Syria. Those. "Iran has done its job, Iran can leave" ...

This is only the beginning of shame, the main thing is yet to come.

Of course, China is playing its game, but the truth is part of their commentary. Russia as a minimum should have raised the issue of aggression in the UN Security Council. The fact that Putin is playing along with Israel is no doubt.

Not in the eyebrow, but in the eye!

The influence of Zionists on power in Russia is immense. In China, there is no such influence. They are free.

I wrote everything on the case, I support all 100%

Totally agree with you.

I agree.

zadalbali this Syria let themselves fight and not in Europe, sit and halyavnye grandmother get .. the Syrians want someone else's ass country to cover .. on dick they need to fight for them with us their problems on the throat it's time to have your country inside to raise and then beggars all all we feed ... and we feed not from the pocket of the rich but from the pocket of ordinary people who, according to 10, receive ... they have lost their shame

Go with the Jewish bandit at the parade under the handle, when his planes bomb Syria !!!? Putin is piling Russia pindos and Jews is a fact. Not for free.

There are rumors that Putin wants to host the World Cup in a normal quiet environment, and then we'll see.

Point that the uncle is not iron ... And in general, in vain he got to the fourth term. I stopped respecting him.

exactly, so these are narrow-eyed and want to

And who said that we are a superpower. We are super-suppliers of raw materials with a pauper population, a fifth column in the form of a government unwilling to treat its seriously ill children, but at our expense saving oligarchs from ruin, allowing Millers and others like him to pay from our pocket a cloud of idlers who are called footballers, but who can not, this, playing football and a stupid, absolutely incompetent without the conscience and honor of the Prime Minister.

Nobody gives anything away. In the power of the Russians there is virtually no, well, who in their own will be rocking with missiles.

It is a pity that my Kazakhstani Crimea did not return. Like 2000000 Russians.

Russia is a country of the first world (there is oil, wheat and brains). Only the rulers (including Putin) made it a raw material appendage and hostage to the US Federal Reserve. While instead of banks - usurers, and state support only to banks - Russia will fall and fall. All growth is due to inflation alone. Divide by 100-150 and get the USSR and the worst option ..

A convenient excuse, so loved by our trolls. Or is it a position? The crustacean, meaning ..

We see this without China. There is still a lot of humiliation left unanswered. We are not even afraid of Ukrainians ...

and where you were nit when the USSR was disorganized?

And someone from below unsubscribed can clearly explain WHY RUSSIA SHOULD SAVE PLANES OF ISRAEL OVER TERRITORY OF SYRIA? Does Russia have an agreement on collective security with Syria? Attacks were inflicted on the RF Armed Forces? Are we in every barrel of the gag? The zone of responsibility of the Air Defense of Russia in Syria is the base of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the aircraft of the Russian Federation Air Force in the air. And here the war between Israel and Iran? And why does no one blame Iran for its inaction? Is not the defense of their armed forces their direct duty, but the duty of the air defense of Russia? By the way, China in Syria is Iran's ally in the fight against IGIL as well as Russia. Following the logic of the Chinese author - China began to surrender positions as superpowers, not having brought down on one Israeli missile.

The real goal is to create a great Israel, for the creation of which just does not have enough Russian territories ...

Russia should not do everything for Syrians. It is necessary to give a fishing rod, and not a fish. Syria must learn to stand up for itself.

Sha World Cup will be held and we'll see. As long as missiles have to be accumulated, we in Syria have not yet been pulled with Israel, they have warehouses nearby, and we have a limited number of missiles.

The Chinese fart from around the corner - do not snap a fist under the fist

The funny position of those Chinese who wrote this article - their country does not get into war at all, and they push us, we must understand, to the Third World War? Otherwise, they say, what kind of a superpower are you? But China, following this logic, is not at all powerful, since it does not go anywhere =)

if you knew, you are not a slave .... yes, if you are able to count! ... you must, of course, say that you are right! on that sofa level from which you ...

We sell air defense systems, engines to China, we build nuclear power plants, and not vice versa ... So don't be hysterical! =) And what kind of "electronics" do they sell? IPhones? Now all and sundry make them, we too. They just have a lot of working hands, so naturally they do and sell a lot - this is normal.

Yes, he defeated the wild IGIL, which even has gas tanks instead of bombs.
But he shit before amerikos. Next pontov, he did not go.
Amerikosy, Jews, Englishmen have Russia in all holes and as they want!

I read clients, and it strikes one. You are all such awesome politicians, you decide for internal and external policy issues for the way. If you are all clever here, what are you not working in the Kremlin and not in the State Duma? and the realities would be solved by foreign policy issues ?!

there remained the last "pro-Western American or pro-American Western" method, which will kill all their countries.
Zae ..... Do anyone who think that like that, they understand us?
In short, do not touch us please.
Do not touch ever.
Do not touch at all.
Do not touch.

This article does not reflect China's official position. We do not talk about the fact that China itself periodically recedes to the US for example. Although sometimes makes loud statements. And why, for example, the leader of the DPRK after his visit to the PRC began to make extremely peaceful statements in relation to the states. Israel, though a small state, is the owner of nuclear weapons and its carriers. And who wants to have a nuclear war at their side. So, that everything is much more complicated. Although no one can fully assure that it will never happen that one day somewhere in Los Angeles, in London, or in Tel Aviv, a small Iranian atomic explosion does not accidentally bubble. even if it's a dirty bomb.

We buy electronics from the Chinese, and not vice versa. This is China's positive balance with the US, but not with us. We gave the Chinese to Damansky, this is China that cuts down the reserved forests, and not vice versa. So the monkey is wise

In my opinion, Putin has already done everything in Syria. He looks down at the wolves and jackals. Who survives, so will divide the prey. Yes, and pushed the war away from Russia. People simply gave hope to the future. Do not agree, your right. I returned the Crimea. Europe heels erased to run back and forth. It's not a credo - to frighten the gun, but a tough necessity. The world is changing, it is necessary to survive

No, he does not. Someone clever, from Putin's entourage, advised the supreme commander-in-chief not to talk excessively ......

Do not underestimate China. China is a superpower with a strong economy and an army like the United States. And we are a third world country that lives by selling its resources, in fact, we are a raw material appendage of other countries. These are facts that can not be denied.

Russia has long been no superpower.

You speak very correctly.

This is not a war and business

All after football

The Chinese speak correctly. Tiny Israel is already showing us what to do. As soon as the prime minister of Israel arrived in the Kremlin, Russia immediately changed its mind about supplying S-300 to Syria. There is no need to invent something about a special strategy, because there is none. Everything is simple and obvious. It is scary to imagine that the Western coalition will follow the path of Israel - the path of strength, then our troops will have a hard time. And how did it begin: "we will shoot down the media and so on ...", we thought there would be enough words to intimidate someone, "but in fact, everything is a mess ... they hit us on the right cheek, and in response we substitute the left ... it's time to end it - to leave and not disgrace yourself anymore in Syria.

Our president was weak in knees before the Americans. Instead of showing the place to Israel, he was frightened of something. So business does not do. We were wrong to elect this man as president. He put the interests of Israel and the US higher than Russia. He is about to retire, he needs a man who does not bathe in the dust all these Anglo-Jewish-Saxon values. The existence of the State of Israel must always be a big question.

The Chinese are trying to implement Mao's foreign policy concept of the battle of two tigers (the Russian Federation and the US), while the monkey (PRC) will watch the battle from the high mountain and enjoy the spectacle.

Correctly the Chinese reason. Our, or fake, was dissolved with all this weapons, or in general little that is real from all this and all the money is stolen.

Who would vyakal! China, in general, sits on a tree, like a monkey from a parable and pisses Russia off the US scum!