Fighter J-20


China created the world's first fifth-generation two-seat fighter, ahead of the Russian Su-57 and Su-75

Chinese developers were the first in the world to create a fifth-generation two-seat fighter.

The news agency obtained a unique photograph that had appeared earlier in the PRC media. It captures the world's first fifth-generation two-seat fighter, which can create serious obstacles to the advancement of Russian two-seat versions of the Su-57 and Su-75 fighters.

In the photo below, you can see the world's first two-seat version of the fifth generation fighter. At the same time, it was initially believed that the Chinese military would work on the development of a version in which the pilots would be on the side of each other, however, obviously, later in China they decided to take a different path of developing a fifth-generation combat aircraft.

Apparently, we are still talking about the creation of a prototype of a two-seat version of the fifth-generation fighter, however, this may turn out to be a rather big head start for Chinese aircraft manufacturers, since Iran was previously interested in purchasing two-seat Chinese fighters Chengdu J-20.

It should be noted that at the moment there are no official comments from the PRC. Earlier, there was information that the two-seater version of the Chengdu J-20 can be used to control a supersonic, and according to a number of sources, a hypersonic unmanned aerial vehicle of the strike type.

The Chinese can also make a 10-seat fighter of the 5-6th generation. The resources are there.

it would be better to do a billion singles, even 4 generations will do

I agree better than a billion singles, even the fourth generation

I support! Got enough already, they can only chat.

they still can't make the engine

What a hell in the modern world you need a two-seat fifth-generation fighter. China, with its billions of people, can afford this luxury.

(It should be noted that at the moment there are no official comments from the PRC yet.) And there will not be! China is behaving like an adult! Anya is like Russia, whose drawings are not yet ready, and the whole world already knows that Russia will start development and blah blah blah. As if flight tests will already begin. Also, the MS-21, which is still raw, is not overjoyed that in the entire history of aviation it was first born in Russia - MS21. In fact, it's a shame, such a huge country barely gave birth to the Beast and is glad how
small children ..

We are waiting for the world's first fifth-generation three-seat fighter to appear, and then a four-seat one.
Are there any developments in the Russian Federation?

Their industry is well developed. They can afford it.

Even we do not have an engine for 5. and even more so for the Chinese. And it won't be for a long time until some mantura shares

The yellow mass must have yellow planes.

Yes Valera, as far as the engines are concerned, they skipped ahead of them, they have enough money and intelligence for this.

What will the Chinese engines be?

And there was no need to supply them with technologies for the production of aircraft of the 4 ++ series. Greed always destroys fryers.

it is unclear what Russia has to do with it?

One steers and shoots, the second turns the pedals.

It is not enough to make an airplane, it also needs to be "run in"

Some kind of miserable. The chassis is not yellow. Ellochka Lyudoyedova would not like it.
How do they say? What flies should be beautiful :)



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