China has created the most powerful microwave gun in the world and placed it in a drone

Chinese scientists and engineers have announced the creation of the world's most powerful microwave weapon that can be installed on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This innovation potentially changes the balance of power in the military sphere. Details of this development are described in detail in an article published in the journal High Power Laser and Particle Beams.

A research team led by Professor Li Jianbing from the PLA Strategic Support Engineering University highlighted the versatility of the new microwave source. They claim that it can be used both for radar purposes and to suppress enemy communications systems.

A distinctive feature of the development is its compact design, which allows the weapon to be easily integrated into various drone models. This technology differs from conventional low-power microwave sources in its ability to operate over an ultra-wide frequency range and compete with large professional electronic warfare weapons.

The researchers also note that microwave weapons mounted on drones can perform a variety of functions, from radar to target tracking and electronic jamming. Such UAVs could be used to jam or deceive enemy radars, enhancing China's defensive capabilities in disputed maritime areas, including the South China Sea and the Taiwan region.

China, already a significant drone manufacturer, intends to expand the use of these microwave weapons by integrating them into hypersonic aircraft and space platforms. Such development will strengthen the country's position in the field of electronic warfare on the world stage and may help increase its influence in this area.


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