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China-US: our combat lasers are able to incinerate airplanes

China told the US how the use of a war laser could end.

In response to the US accusations, the PRC Ministry of Defense decided to briefly talk about the lasers adopted for combat use. As follows from the information provided by the publication "Sina", the Chinese military laser, adopted by the PRC relatively recently, has enormous power, and from a distance of several kilometers, it can literally incinerate aircraft, and even short-term impulses are enough for this, which makes the US accusations simply meaningless.

Earlier, the Pentagon formally demanded explanations from the PRC about laser attacks on its planes, some of which were put out of action (electronic components could not withstand laser radiation - the US Defense Department comment), and in one case the pilot of the aircraft completely lost sight. Given the rather high power of the laser installation, it is likely that US aircraft would have been completely destroyed if they had indeed been attacked by the PRC.

Experts in turn believe that groundless accusations from the Pentagon against the Chinese authorities are just another provocation, the main purpose of which is to demonstrate the aggressive intentions of the PRC towards the US, especially since Washington has to reckon with China's growing military power, which, in over the next few years, may well become a threat to the national interests of the United States.

It should be clarified that Russia has recently adopted a combat laser for its armament.


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