China: Putin has enough money only for six Su-57 fighters

Chinese media have criticized Vladimir Putin’s statement about the purchase of 76 fighters.

The Chinese news publication "Now News" reports that the purchase of X-NUMX Su-76 combat fighters, which Vladimir Putin spoke about a few days ago, will ruin the Russian budget. According to the publication, referring to the calculations of specialists, the maximum that Russia can afford is 57 fighters per year.

«If Russia, like the USA, spends 1% of its defense budget on the purchase of Su-57 fighters, then with this money you can buy only six combat aircraft. In 2016, Russia's defense budget was about 70 billion US dollars, but after Western sanctions and oil prices fell sharply, leading to a recession, the defense budget was also reduced. Against this background, all that Russia can afford is six Su-57 fighters per year. ”, - the newspaper reports.

As far as the arguments of the Chinese media are true, so far remains unknown, but at the moment the Russian Su-57 fighter jets do not yet have a second-stage engine, and taking into account its use, the cost of a combat aircraft can increase significantly.

We have the main problem of the military-industrial complex, almost everywhere manual assembly, including on aerial bombs. Therefore, to increase production we need not only money.

what exactly can Russia afford ??? What are we currently producing, what plants do we smoke pipes ???

5 generation on the Russian 4 engines even and not the newest generation

SU-57 is worth 2 billion. Here the other day at the next colonel of the FSB at the apartment found 12 billion. This is another 6 fighter. And if they go to the generals, they will find all 60, as the President promised, yesterday, visiting the aircraft factory.

All we can. Just not to steal! And 76 and 760 fighter build. Plus everything else. We just need iron responsibility - the death penalty for embezzling budget funds

we remember the times of Joseph Vissarionovich.
also EVERYTHING could afford .. BUT AT WHAT A PRICE!

And what, do Chinese want to offer their services for the purchase of our aircraft? Everything has its time. In queue...

The 5 generation was adopted by China, but the Russian engine from the 4 + generation was there.
So do not read Chinese newspapers ...

And what are they worried about !? The Chinese are already preparing 2-th generation 5 aircraft, and the first (J-20) is already 2 of the year adopted for use, unlike. And the Chinese J-20 is certainly the generation 5 plane, and the Su-57 is still conditional and requires refinement (waiting for the second stage engine, etc.).
Therefore, in this case, you can’t say that "the Chinese have stolen the Russians again!"

Everyone knows everything ... resources can and allow, only here there is no production ...

WE CAN BUY 6-SU SU-57. And we want, we will buy Xnumx, when the aircraft will bring to perfection and install more advanced equipment and weapons. Seeking to be conquered in China.

Nobody knows how much money Putin has, but how much is the budget of the defense department of the Russian Federation, you, especially the Chinese, do not have to know! The main thing is not this, Russia can afford everything, as the country’s resources can provide both with the labor of the population and with food, clothing, transportation, and all life activity without China, the USA, the EU. By the way, the United States has already shown you (China) what business is and nothing personal!