Judgment Day


China has caught Russia in preparation for the Third World War

China has found evidence of Russia's preparation for the third world

In the Chinese media, the Russian "bomber" is vividly discussed as a strategic air command post that provides protection even from nuclear weapons. In the event of the outbreak of the Third World War, he is able to provide the top leadership with the ability to exercise command. The doomsday plane is the name given to this airliner.

Only Russia and the United States have such command posts. A number of countries have air tactical command posts. Strategic - are much more important.

Fu Qianshao, an expert with the Chinese edition of Sina, said that the main task of Doomsday Aviation was to provide leadership and control for all components of the armed forces. This, in particular, is about access to strategic missile forces in the event that a nuclear war begins.

A significant amount of equipment on board, a large number of "necessary passengers" emphasize that the aircraft has rather large dimensions. In Russia, the Doomsday aircraft is the Il-80, created on the basis of the Il-86.

In China, it was reported that Russia and the United States recently started upgrading their aircraft. In particular, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu recently said that the development of the modernization of the IL-80 ended.

It is assumed that the second generation of these aircraft will have more advanced electronic equipment and a new level of protection against various interferences and electromagnetic radiation. According to forecasts, the aircraft will go into service in the near future. Next will be the next stage, at which the third generation Doomsday liner will appear.

Analyzing the situation prevailing in the world, the Chinese experts came to the conclusion that the modernization of these aircraft is connected with the aggravation of relations between Russia and the United States. Expert Fu Qianshao focuses attention on the fact that after both countries withdraw from the INF Treaty, the risks of the start of the Third World War have become higher.