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China successfully tests a hypersonic missile with a range of 40 thousand kilometers

China tested an unlimited-range hypersonic missile.

The Chinese military has successfully developed, built and secretly tested a state-of-the-art hypersonic missile that was able to circumnavigate the planet in low orbit and hit a target. Information on this matter appeared not only in the Chinese media (although they did not receive any documentary evidence), but was also announced by representatives of the Pentagon.

As for hitting a target, there are allegations that the missile could miss it at a distance of about 30 kilometers, although a number of sources claim that in reality, the miss was insignificant.

“In August, China tested a hypersonic nuclear-powered missile that circled the globe before heading towards its target, displaying advanced space capabilities that caught US intelligence by surprise. Five people familiar with the tests said the Chinese military launched a hypersonic missile that flew in low orbit and then descended to its target. The missile missed its target by about two dozen miles, according to three people, briefed by intelligence. But the two said the tests showed that China had made astounding success in hypersonic weapons and was far more advanced than US officials had anticipated. ", - reports "The Financial Times".

In fact, we can talk about a missile of unlimited range. This puts it on a par with the Russian Burevestnik cruise missile. However, the Russian missile is still in development, while the PRC has already successfully tested the missile. Moreover, it was previously reported that the Burevestnik cruise missile would be supersonic or even subsonic, while a hypersonic missile was tested in China.

It should be noted that China is actively developing hypersonic weapons, and in addition, earlier information appeared that an experimental hypersonic aircraft was created in the PRC, capable of striking enemy forces.

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Do not confuse "soft with warm". We are talking about a "planning warhead" of the type of our "Vanguard", which are already successfully installed on our database. And the Chinese, from the moment of the first launch to the commissioning, will take more than one year.
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Somalia tested a new missile when hitting the ship, it does not sink but is sent straight to the ports of Somalia. the missile's range is not limited. The Somalis are now sitting in ports and occasionally shooting and the ships are sailing to them! Glory to Somalia!

Putin announced the petrels in 2018, and made all the enemies of Russia terrified. But now 2021 is over, the petrel is not yet on duty. In general, do the developers of the petrel understand what to do so that Putin's words to the whole world are not idle talk? Or are they unable to make such a rocket?

China is spreading this rumor.