SAM Patriot


China imposes sanctions on manufacturer of American F-22, F-35 and Patriot

China became the first country in the world to impose sanctions on the purchase of American weapons.

Chinese authorities have announced the imposition of major sanctions against the American corporation Lockheed Martin because it sold Taiwan Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems to counter China. Given the fact that the American corporation is actively using some elements of electronics manufactured in China, Lockheed Martin products can significantly increase their price.

“China is strongly opposed to a possible US sale of weapons to Taiwan. China has decided to take action, we will impose sanctions on the main participant in this arms sale deal - Lockheed Martin, - quotes the words of a Chinese diplomat, the Russian information publication TsarGrad.

How much sanctions can hit the American corporation is unknown, however, this means that Lockheed Martin will not be able to supply its products to China or through the territory of this country. At the same time, the possibility that any attempt to deliver American weapons to Taiwan will turn out to be attempts by China to prevent this from happening.

Washington has not yet responded to the sanctions imposed by the PRC, however, this may serve as a new round in the complication of relations between the two countries, especially against the background of provocative US actions.

Hiccups fell on Lockheed ... Remember.