China announced the upcoming defeat of Russian heavy tanks T-90

China has promised to defeat dozens of Russian T-90 tanks at its borders.

Chinese media reported that T-90 tanks, which appeared a few days ago near the Chinese border, would be destroyed within a few minutes if India, which pulled them into the area, tried to provoke China. According to the Sohu publication, in the event of a real military conflict, dozens of tanks will be destroyed.

“According to Indian media reports, the Indian army continues to deploy tens of thousands of troops to the Ladakh region, and also sends a large number of T-90 tanks. The Indian army created a position ready to fight at the front. Since the beginning of this month, India has been building defenses in the Gallevan Valley area, and has also installed air defense systems around the area. Now India has again used its old tricks, deploying a large number of troops, which for a long time were preparing for plateau operations in the region. Obviously, India intends to go all the way. The defeat awaits them ”- reports the publication "Sohu."

The exact nature of China’s self-confidence regarding the defeat of T-90 tanks is not known, however, earlier video frames made in Syria showed that even when a missile hit a tank, the latter received virtually no damage

It should be clarified that at the moment there is an extremely tense situation on the border between China and India, and although open clashes have so far been avoided, experts say that any provocation can lead to a full-scale military conflict, and given the presence of nuclear weapons on each side , the situation is critical.

Learn auto parts back in the USSR, abandoned heavy tanks, all tanks are medium T-72, T-90, T-80.

It is taken by the Americans, they defeated the USSR in 1945, turned our cities and industry into ruins, now the People's Republic of China is another victim of capitalist sharks. India is a class country where there are more beggars than in communist China. And to them it is a bone in the throat. I hope for the Power of Diplomacy and the Victory of the Chinese people.

The British agents of influence, in the Indian ruling elite, managed to convince the country's leadership that China was carrying out aggressive plans for this region. This led to an increase in the Indian military contingent and created tension on the border with China. Someone really wants to push India and China between themselves, which could lead to an even greater weakening of the latter. From where "legs grow" at this venture, it is not difficult to calculate. Ka says, look for someone who benefits.

Russian? Cheap manipulators ...

The Chinese probably plan to drop a nuclear warhead on the T-90, so that is for sure