Chinese air defense in Syria found Israeli F-35s minutes before the strike, but the C-300 remained silent

Chinese radars installed in Syria found the Israeli F-35, but everything on the S-300 “stalled”.

In China, it was reported that a Chinese military radar located near the Lebanese border detected approaching Israeli military aircraft several minutes before striking Syria. Contrary to the information that has appeared, this is not about the F-16, but about the F-35 fighters, however, even having all the necessary information, the S-300s located in Syria could not capture the target due to unknown circumstances.

“According to a recent report by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA - approx. Ed.), On the evening of June 4, a massive strike was inflicted on the Masyaf area in northern Syria by Israeli aircraft, although the Syrian air defense system intercepted and shot down several incoming missiles. However, some missiles nevertheless fell into the territory of the local center for research and development of missiles, as a result of which the base was seriously damaged. According to sources, at 22:32 on June 4 local time, strikes were made by the Israeli Air Force F-35 fighter- сообщает "Sohu Military".

According to some reports, the exchange between radar facilities was carried out by tropospheric communications, which are also present on the territory of the ATS.

The question as to why the S-300 was never able to detect and hit Israeli F-35s remains open.

The Russian side still does not comment on the fact of Israeli aggression against the Syrian military, and more notably, the attack on the Israeli military aircraft was not directed at the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, but against the Syrian military, although until recently Israel had agreed with Russia that will not attack the Syrian forces.

In the entire history of the creation of the s-300 has never been used. And the BIG QUESTION is whether they can even bring down anything in reality.

The S-500 has not yet been put into production and is not on guard.

C 500 Not yet. And the c400 is just a little bit.

Why then would the countries of the Arab world buy Russian weapons if IT then, at the direction of the Russian Federation, cannot work. VIVAT CHINA !!!! His weapons are not politicized. And despite a slightly lower efficiency, the tasks set by the customers fulfill.

Yes, it does not interfere with the military service of NAMAZ. For a long time does not interfere. Something is not noticeable, that the Muslims FIVE times every day would throw and pray regardless of the combat situation. Do not believe? Stop by the Muslims of the opposing side.

I completely agree, it’s interesting how the Syrians themselves don’t realize that all this equipment that Russia supplies under the hood of Israel ... I think Israel just disconnects these s-300s, because they are merged by the Israelis who work in Russia

"Are you completely believing that someone in their right mind and sound memory will shoot down planes located in ANOTHER'S AIR SPACE ????"
Dumb, well, your excuse looks just ridiculous. According to all written and unwritten laws, an aircraft striking at your territory from any space, even from a neighboring one, is a legitimate target. Moreover, Israel inflicts them from the international space as well. Moreover, Syria and Israel are still at war. You Kremlebottsy found a convenient, but not enduring criticism excuse - they say Israel strikes from the space of neighboring states, so we have our hands tied ... Otherwise, we would have shown them. This excuse just looks ridiculous. The answer is simple - with 6 is not able to deal with modern goals that use modern tactics. The last time Israel attacked from the sea from international space, your valiant space-Syrian air defense simply shot down his plane.

But because there are no Chinese missiles there. There are only radar drills.

The S-300 of any modification has its own means of detection, guidance and CC. This is a high-altitude locator - HEADLIGHTS, low-altitude - HBO, also a separate long-range radar station is attached to the KP - which most likely was Chinese. But! Air defense organization is a complex system:
- combat duty of reconnaissance and target designation facilities;
- separation of various R&C facilities in terms of frequency, operating principles, altitude and detection range (the required number of stations operating on PMV), as in S-300, for example, -
- backup radar and communications, not included in peacetime and tunable in frequency to go on air when reflecting a raid to reduce the effects of interference and UAVs;
- EW funds separated by frequency, directions, means of suppression;
- the work of a certain number of radar detectors of a different principle of action, range, direction, closed in one automated system;
- combat duty of missile defense ambushes on missile-hazardous directions;, with the help of TORs and BUKs in units of the system;
- funds for the destruction of unmanned aircraft;
- combat duty zrd with the task of destroying the producers of interference and APU (type AWACS);
- reserve second-tier air defense missile systems for destroying erupted missiles and aircraft after the first echelon;
And so on and so forth ... It's the whole science and system.
How the Syrians, with the help of our specialists, organized everything, I don’t know. It is not clear how many and what kind of air defense systems they threshed and did not see. Whether the order to shoot down aircraft in the airspace of a neighboring state was not clear. Because I know that there is an order to work only on missiles, but not on airplanes, by means of covering objects: with Shells and Beeches. Toads do not run into a full-scale war with Israel and a second front.
Syrian officers of my age are highly skilled specialists who graduated from American and English military colleges. Combined arms and theoretically their training is beyond praise. But! After calculations, organizational issues, engineering equipment, everyday service begins ... and then prayer ... post ... ramadan, etc. ... The Chinese media once again showed the order: our equipment is better than Russian and that's it!

Until the basis of political and economic power in Russia is made up of people of the same nationality with the inhabitants of Israel, Israel will not receive any military response from Russia. Regrettably, but a fact.

If the agreement between Russia and Israel on non-conduct of Russian air defense to Israel, then it must be said that this will only happen when Israel helps the elimination of ISIS. If not, then nada to bring down the Israelis, since they prevent Russia from ensuring stability in Syria

I have repeatedly questioned the content of this portal! Where does this information come from? The links to the Sana news agency are nothing of the sort. This is all fake and fiction. The Chinese locator found, but did not react, and did not see the s-300 at all - the author, you were the operator on the s-300 at that moment !? Enough to scribble the State Department notes!

Everything is easier. Everything is close there. Do not have time to take off, as already in the neighbors' VP. This is if you fly to the North or South. And taking off to the East, you can generally fly into the KSA. And they are glad to see Levanche from their VPs, and not from them themselves. Moreover, the Syrian occupation there, many more have forgotten it.

"Chinese air defense in Syria" - a key phrase, the author at least think about what you write

Write so many excuses to our air defense. During our presence in Syria, our air defense at least managed to bring down something other than our own IL with our military.?

Our air defense systems are good, but you cannot shoot from them!

... Do you know Konstantin history? The story of the C300 is not that open!))

Which village do you live in? To protect the borders of Russia are more advanced air defense models are the S-400 and S-500. Which have a much larger range than the old S-300.

Then you can call into question the effectiveness of our nuclear weapons and shield! The best weapon is one that has not been used.

If the photo is from Syria, then where is the radar cover by the air defense systems? Will the Arabs ever learn the tactics of using air defense systems?
Secondly, Syrians have not yet been allowed to shoot down planes over Lebanese territory. There is no such task.

I support .. And if the radars are found, then I doubt that the Syrians have the go-ahead to shoot down Israeli planes over Lebanon. Now, if a military treaty is officially concluded between Lebanon and Syria or Iran, then this will be the right, but even then our people are unlikely to give the Syrians such an opportunity.
Now, if a rocket flies to our base, then everyone will see where and how the S-300 can work out and for what purposes.

Actually, Israel already gave a comment. It consisted of "why it was not possible to hit the target and it was necessary to leave not pointing exactly rockets." And this happens often. It just makes no sense to spend resources on repelling missiles that are not a threat to a protected target. Therefore, air defense works out only for those goals that are clearly threatening. Regarding f35 - they do not fly into Syria. You really believe that someone in their right mind and sound memory will bring down planes located in someone else's airspace ???? And why they do not fly into the space of Syria, ask a question for themselves. Probably just because the air defense is not working? And so as not to cause moral damage to the Syrians, they are trying not to fly into the territory of the "umbrella" ......)))

And again a question for the author. F-35 altitude and range of detection by the Chinese? Frequency range of the Chinese radar? Once she was pushed forward to the border and found in a few minutes, then the height was small. Does the author know the line-of-sight range formula? And did the targets enter the affected area of ​​the S-300?

Konstantin, if the S-300 is so terrible, as the Chinese write about them, why did they buy them then? Now in service with China is:
32 divisions S-300PMU, 64 divisions S-300PMU1, 64 divisions S-300PMU2 for 2016 [99]. We acquired S-300PMU1 and a production license called Hongqi-10 (HQ-10). China is also the first buyer of the S-300PMU2 and is likely to use the S-300V under the name Hongqi HQ-18 [100]. They also created an upgraded version of the HQ-10, calling it the HQ-15 with an increased maximum range from 150 km to 200 km

And what bad did Israel do to China? And besides, if someone thinks that Israel is dancing to the tune of America, then it is generally unclear why the Chinese should touch anyone. America and China are so closely intertwined with economics, industry, and finance that no force in the world can separate them. They swear sometimes, like grandmas to share. And nothing more.

Israel and Syria are at war. Who can agree on what ???
Assad (that folder, that sonnyka) was normally offered to return these stupid heights and conclude a peace treaty in exchange for (some kind of fear !!!!) for the official recognition of the existence of the state of Israel. They refused. Well, get an Arab grenade. And all these air defense systems will remain silent. The Syrians themselves have never been able, can not and will never learn anything. And besides, who will give the pomegranate to a monkey who, for the sake of personal power, will first gnaw a banana from Russia, and then those who will give two bananas.

The effectiveness of the S-300 and S-400. More and more in doubt. Not a single downed combat aircraft in the history of these systems.

C300 is whose ZRPK? Syrian? Or Russian?

China is too far away.

So why should America discover its planes?

And they have nothing to bring down. And the S-300 is silent for political reasons.

The gas station in your pants.

Jews are not touched for political reasons, and the F-35 is the largest and most useless cut of the XNUMXst century.

While the Russian Federation is ruled by Jews, until then there is nothing to talk about the Russian Federation as a Great Country, only as a vassal !!! It’s not clear why the guys are dying !!!

Russia I do not want to quarrel with Israel, so with 300 and do not see. But if necessary, he will see everything, but if necessary. And China, as usual, licks and steals everything and does not have its own developments.

Can a gas station detect f-35 in principle?

Why didn't the Chinese bring down