Chinese media spotted Russian attack UAV Okhotnik at Khmeimim airbase

China announced the appearance of a Russian attack unmanned aerial vehicle at the Khmeimim airbase.

The Chinese news agency Sina drew attention to satellite images of the Russian military airbase Khmeimim taken on January 21, 2021. An unusual object was seen near the western airplane parking, which in China was mistaken for a Russian heavy multipurpose attack drone "Okhotnik".

“Russia has begun testing its Okhotnik strike unmanned aerial vehicle. A few days ago, a strange object was seen at the Russian airbase in Syria, which in its dimensions and shape resembles a drone actively promoted by Russia ", - reported the publication, attaching the corresponding satellite image.

In the presented satellite image, it is indeed possible to see an object located outside the parking lot of the Khmeimim airbase, however, we are not talking about a drone, although the size and shape clearly correspond to this - journalists from the PRC mistakenly took the MiG-21 fighter mounted on pedestal, although information about probable tests of the "Hunter" in Syria has appeared more than once.

Complete divorce ... This is the SU-35s

divorce where is the hunter

It's a shame, gentlemen! employees should know what the MiG-21 fighter actually looks like. In the photo, anything, but not him.
The real monument MiG-21 is located 500 meters north of this place, in the public garden of the living area in front of the officers' mess. It is perfectly visible on Google Planet.

This is definitely not a MIG21, the twenty-first has a completely different wing shape.

But this is clearly not "Hunter".