Malaysian air carrier


Chinese travel agencies stop working with Malaysia Airlines

March 28. Malaysian airline Malaysia Airlines in the very near future, it may receive substantial losses from its activities, this event is primarily due to the fact that Chinese tour operators stop working with this carrier.

The declared boycott is connected with the fact that the government of Malaysia for a long time concealed information from China and the whole world about the aircraft that disappeared 8 March, the fragments of which are still being searched in the Indian Ocean. In addition, according to some version, this is also due to the lack of maintenance of the fleet, as we recall that over the past week, 3 airplanes of Malaysia Airlines have got into emergency and emergency situations.

It is worth noting that the main flights of this Malaysian airline connect the country with Chinese airports, and the share of air travel is about 70 percent of the total, which in the current situation can lead to serious problems of this airline.