Klimenko called "fake" the escape of the Russian Tu-160 from the American F-35

The former adviser does not believe in the ability of the Russian Tu-160 to escape from the American F-35.

Contrary to the information circulated by the media, former adviser to the President of the Russian Federation on Internet development issues, German Klimenko, said that information that the Russian strategic bomber Tu-160 escaped from the American F-35 fighters that pursued it.

According to Klimenko, the information provided by the Russian and Chinese media has nothing to do with reality, and, in fact, is fictitious.

"All this reminds of" one grandmother said "at the entrance, only online"”, German Klimenko said in an interview with the Russian newspaper Vzglyad.

Klimenko did not support his arguments with any facts refuting the information appeared in the Chinese media, however, it is also noteworthy that no official comments on this score were made by representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which may well indicate a fictitious information disseminated by the media in order to attract the attention of the public.