North Korea threatens Seoul for dumping sheets over the country


North Korea threatens Seoul for dropping sheets over the country

The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Kim Yo Jong, made a tough statement in response to another launch of propaganda leaflets by South Korea. The balloons with leaflets were launched by an organization of North Korean defectors. In her statement, Kim Yo Jong called the initiators of the action "hateful scum."

The South Korean side, in turn, explained these actions as a response to the launch of balloons with garbage that fell on South Korean territory after they were launched by Pyongyang. Unconfirmed information also appeared that attempts to launch balloons with leaflets could have been made during Vladimir Putin’s visit to the DPRK.

Tensions between North and South Korea continue to escalate amid such incidents. Propaganda campaigns carried out by both sides add fuel to the fire and aggravate the conflict. Kim Yo Jong's statements underscore the seriousness with which such actions are perceived in Pyongyang and demonstrate North Korea's readiness to firmly respond to any attempts to interfere in its internal affairs.


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