Airline Kogalymavia


Kogalymavia may receive compensation from Egypt for the blown up plane

The management of the airline "Kogalymavia" plans to recover from Egypt compensation for the attack on board the Airbus A321.

At the moment, the leadership of the Russian airline "Kogalymavia" suggests to agree on the Egyptian authorities without any judicial decisions, and, according to the available facts, the main cause of a terrorist act can be numerous violations of the safe departure airport, as it became known that the explosive device It was laid down on board the aircraft, and is supposed to be involved in this may be the staff of the Egyptian airport.

Among other things, a few days earlier information appeared that the airline "Kogalymavia" temporarily suspended its activities, and as the representatives of the air carrier commented on this, such actions are not associated with attempts to completely leave the market, but are caused by the need to find alternative routes in connection with the ban on flights to Egypt and Turkey.


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