C-200 rocket


"Who will be knocked further": Ukraine builds its missile potential

The Ukrainian army is returning to combat duty six types of anti-aircraft missile systems.

The number of combat-ready complexes in the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will increase by one-third. These installations are capable of destroying enemy cruise missiles, airplanes and "drones". To such an optimistic forecast, experts are inclined, if the efforts of the Ministry of Defense, enterprises of the Ukroboronprom and private firms will yield results. To date, almost all types of SAM were withdrawn from the combat arsenal in the period from 2003 to 2013. To this armament there was a considerable stock of missiles, which will have the opportunity to "shake the old days".

A protective shield over Ukraine today is kept by Soviet missile systems and systems of two types of development: self-propelled medium-range air defense systems С-300ПС and Buk-М1. They are capable of hitting enemy targets at the maximum distance of 75 and 32 km and an altitude of up to 27 km and 22 km, respectively. There are about fifty divisions of such air defense missile systems.

With sufficient training of personnel and serviceability of all anti-aircraft missile systems - this is a powerful striking force. The leadership of the armed forces decided to increase the number of air defense assets. This is due to the need to cover the troops on the line of contact with the enemy - both in active and in positional defense, as well as sealing the cover of the most important objects ("millionaire" cities, nuclear power stations, hydroelectric dams, etc.).

The 6 types of anti-aircraft missile systems and complexes are planned to be returned to the system at once: three short-range SAM systems - the transported C-125, the self-propelled "Tor" and the "Cube". Two medium ranges are the transported C-300PT and a mobile universal anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system designed to cover the maneuverable military operations of its troops. And the last one is the C-200V long-range system.

Special attention is given to the long-range anti-aircraft missile system C-200В. She was put into service with the USSR in the 70-ies. This is a stationary complex, which seems to be too old for the present. However, such an “old-timer” is capable of hitting missiles at targets within a radius of 240 km and a range of heights from 300 m to 40 km. C-200В divisions can destroy enemy aircraft before they reach the line from which they can use their weapons. Dvukhsotka will be effective in intercepting reconnaissance planes and jamming planes, and air command posts that cannot enter Ukrainian airspace.

The return of anti-aircraft missiles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a short time is a rather difficult task. For individual air defense missile systems there is no repair documentation. Therefore, in fact, the task is reduced to the need for reverse engineering of units and blocks, their repair or restoration for the return of the complexes to the combat system and their use for the intended purpose. At the same time, the task of modernizing the complexes sent for medium refurbishment to the enterprises of Ukroboronprom and to private companies has not yet been set. It is worth noting that some air defense systems, for example, the Pechora C-125M, have sufficient potential to improve combat capabilities.

Installation on 5B27D rockets of the new active or semi-active guidance heads developed by the Radioniks Kiev company will increase the maximum target destruction range from 18 to 40 km, and height from 18 to 25 km.

The most "advanced" version of this weapon opens up the possibility of firing eight enemy targets simultaneously. The complex has already been tested in work with launching missiles with a semi-active head in practice, but outside Ukraine.

Responsibility for the extension of the resource of all anti-aircraft missile systems and systems other than S-200V, which are in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine or will be returned in the near future, is assigned to the state Kyiv design bureau "Luch" and another metropolitan enterprise "Vizar". Both of them are part of the group of companies "Ukroboronprom."

Based on the materials of the publication "Korrespondent" Ukraine.