Air traffic with Crimea


The number of flights from Moscow to Simferopol will grow almost 4 times

April, 4. At the beginning of the tourist season, the number of flights departing from Moscow to Simferopol will be increased by more than 3.5 times - from 21 flights to 77 flights per week.

The statement was made by the Minister of Tourism Elena Yurchenko during a specialized forum in Yekaterinburg, and as she said, this move has already been considered earlier, and will now enter its working phase, providing ample opportunities for all vacationers. As for the cost of air travel, it will fluctuate around 8 thousand rubles, which is an order of magnitude cheaper than it was a few months ago. In addition, the Minister of Tourism stressed that soon the Crimean peninsula will be connected by air with the Urals, which carries not only economic profit, but also a variety of strategic opportunities.

It is worth noting that such a move would attract more passengers, since in a sense, such a trip would be even cheaper than traveling by train to the Crimea.