Column of 10 Himars systems seen just 85 kilometers from the border with Ukraine

A huge Himars MLRS convoy was seen only 85 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

The military convoy, consisting of at least 10 Himars multiple rocket launchers and one counter-battery radar, was moving near the city of Focsani, about 85 kilometers from the border with the Odessa region. The movement was carried out in the direction of the city of Focsani and continued along the border with Moldova, after which, information about the movement of the military convoy became no longer available.

A number of sources claim that multiple launch rocket systems were moving from a military base in the Constanta region and, judging by the route of advance, they were not directed towards the Odessa region, but towards the border area with the Chernivtsi region. This almost certainly allows us to assert that the weapons could be sent to Ukraine.

Experts fear that the United States has begun to implement a plan to transfer to Ukraine the previously promised 25-30 Himars multiple launch rocket systems. Moreover, it is noteworthy that Romania has a fairly large number of such weapons in service, which, probably, led experts to the idea that the Himars MLRS follow the territory of Ukraine.

To date, 16 Himars multiple launch rocket systems, 3 M270 MLRS rocket systems and 3 MARS II rocket systems have been transferred to Ukraine. In addition, in the near future Ukraine will receive three more M270 MLRS systems from Norway. In the event that the systems presented in the video are indeed sent to Ukraine, this can become a rather big problem, as it will seriously expand the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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