A column of 17 Iskander OTRK launchers was seen moving towards the Ukrainian border

A train of 17 Iskander OTRK launchers is moving towards the border with Ukraine.

According to the source, the train, on the platforms of which there are at least 17 launchers of the Iskander OTRK, as well as transport and loading vehicles, was moving in the direction of the Kherson region. This may indicate the fact that in the near future such weapons can be used not only to protect the territories that became part of the Russian Federation, but also to suppress military facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and destroy military equipment, the supply of which, under Lend-Lease, began today by day.

OTRK "Iskander" have not only a long range, but also have a huge destructive potential. At the same time, which is much more important, such weapons allow for prompt strikes, thereby disrupting the plans of the Ukrainian troops and knocking out the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the still uncontrolled territories of Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.

Despite the fact that the video footage was filmed at one of the railway stations, so far it has not been possible to reliably confirm the fact that the captured column of military equipment was moving specifically to the Kherson region.

Russian OTRK "Iskander" has successfully proven itself during the NWO, successfully hitting targets at long distances.


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