Military equipment


A column of 49 units of military equipment was destroyed while trying to cross the Northern Donets

As a result of an ambush while crossing the Northern Donets, a convoy of 49 units of military equipment was destroyed.

As a result of an ambush arranged on one of the banks of the Northern Donets River (presumably near the settlement of Belogorovka - approx. Source), at least 49 units of military and military equipment were destroyed in a few minutes. Among the destroyed equipment are army trucks, armored personnel carriers, T-72 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles BMP-1 and BMP-2, etc.

On the presented satellite images, you can see large-scale losses of unarmored, lightly armored and armored vehicles. At the same time, real losses may turn out to be much greater, since, according to sources, part of the equipment was destroyed right on the pontoon bridge, i.e. is at the bottom of the river.

Experts analyzed the photographs and counted at least 49 units of various military equipment. This indicates one of the biggest losses. Moreover, judging by the situation, the battle itself lasted only a few minutes and there is practically no doubt that we are talking about an ambush, but at the moment there are no official statements on this matter.

What is the number of losses among the manpower is not established, however, judging by the number of destroyed vehicles, we can talk about hundreds of people.