Echelon of Russian UR-77 headed to the border of Ukraine

Russia harshly intimidated Ukraine by sending the UR-77 installation to the border.

A massive echelon of Russian UR-77 installations heading towards the Ukrainian border caused a real panic in Kiev. Despite the fact that we are actually talking about remote demining installations, which are banally not designed to strike at the enemy, panic almost broke out in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The train of Russian equipment was moving towards a section of the Ukrainian border, where minefields were relatively recently organized, which the UR-77 installation can easily break through, and within a few minutes hundreds of pieces of military equipment can begin to move through a huge passage.

On the presented video frames, you can see how the train carries out the transportation of at least eight UR-77 demining units. The exact place of arrival of the train remains unknown, however, the source, who published the video footage, claims that the train was moving towards the Ukrainian border.

In fact, one UR-77 installation can provide passage through a minefield up to 6 meters wide with a passage length of up to 90 meters, which is quite enough to ensure the passage of several hundred pieces of military equipment. Moreover, the installation is also capable of clearing anti-personnel minefields, providing a passage up to 14 meters wide.

Considering that at the moment there are over a thousand units of military equipment of the Russian Armed Forces near the Ukrainian borders, the appearance of demining installations in this region has caused serious panic among the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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UR-77 on a tracked platform, something vaguely similar to it slipped in the video, but it is doubtful what exactly the UR-77

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