Interception syria


A column of Russian military again intercepted in Syria

The US military intercepted a Russian military convoy in northern Syria.

American troops for the second time in several days intercepted a Russian military patrol in northern Syria, carrying out a special monitoring mission in this region of Syria. The Russian military simply blocked the road and began to talk about the inadmissibility of further passage, since "this territory is under US control."

According to the source, the matter did not reach a serious confrontation between the Russian and American military, however, the Russian troops had to retreat, returning on the return route, which raises a lot of questions regarding whether such patrolling of the territory is advisable.

“The military police must ensure order in the controlled territory, and US attempts to stop the Russian military are a direct aggression and threat. Despite the existing mechanisms for regulating the situation, it is necessary to ensure the fulfillment of the main goal of such monitoring missions and to react more strictly to US actions. ”, - the expert marks.

Nevertheless, the Syrian Kurds, who continue to actively support the Russian military, drew attention to a very remarkable fact - the Russian military actually surrounded the American military, although such close contact was not previously observed.

From news sources, information is often leaked about the detentions of the Russian military in various places in Syria, during some events, from which the conclusion itself suggests itself in Syria (after the assistance that it provided to this state) is not the dominant force, and even more so it does not control territory recaptured from * IG * Also, information on the systematic shelling of the Russian Armed Forces comes from the same central media. What is this weakness of the highest military command? Who dares to shoot the American group and go unpunished? Why isn’t a tough policy pursued by the Russian leadership regarding hostile actions against our armed forces? Maybe it's time to leave Syria and leave this state to decide its own destiny. Why did I write all this? Yes, because Russia already had such an experience (At that time the USSR) Helped Afghanistan, so far those who were there have washed blood and dirt. I am ashamed of a country that always loses having * Advanced weapons *

In the picture, the US military surrounded the Russian military police, designed to arrest the Russian military

I see in the photo how the US military surrounded the military of Russia ...



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Are you in a tank?

until they are fully answered they will become more impudent

The Russian Airborne Forces did not learn how to form patrol convoys. A convoy is formed of 1 such front and 2 infantry fighting vehicles on the sides of the patrol itself and closes the patrol BMP. There is a poster on the tank for the invaders. otherwise they will clear the road under the tracks of the tank and infantry fighting vehicles. After 10 minutes of thought, a warning fire begins from the tank gun above the Yankees in as low as possible and from the BMP under the explosive bottom. After such a greeting, the Yankees, even under a machine gun, will not go out on the road to block the path for such a patrol. If a helicopter or a plane is called, our fighters will call.