Desertion Ukraine


The commander of the tank, in a panic, abandoned the combat vehicle right in the middle of the battle, got on video

The commander of the T-72 deserted right in the middle of the battle.

The commander of the T-72 tank, right in the middle of the battle, decided to desert, simply leaving the tank through the hatch and running away from the battlefield, which ultimately led to the destruction of the combat vehicle. The corresponding video footage was taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle.

On the video footage presented, you can see how a tank fighting is suddenly attacked using an anti-tank missile system. Despite the exact hit of the rocket in the tank, the latter did not receive critical damage and began to retreat, however, the commander of the combat vehicle decided to desert. This can be seen in the corresponding video frames. Due to the flight of the commander of the combat vehicle, the tank was ultimately destroyed by a second anti-tank missile, as evidenced by the corresponding video footage taken from the drone.

In which direction the corresponding video frames were filmed is unknown, however, this is far from the first case of desertion of tank crews. In particular, video footage had already been published the day before, which depicted the desertion of the tank commander and the gunner of the combat vehicle - the latter left the tank, leaving the driver in battle.