United States Navy Command


The command of the US Navy gave the order to attack Russian ships and aircraft in the Black Sea

The US Navy commanders allowed warship commanders to attack Russian ships in the Black Sea.

US Navy Europe and Africa Commander Robert Burke said in an interview with Business Insider that warship commanders were given the right to attack Russian warships and aircraft at their own discretion in case of any threat. According to Burke, the commanders of all US missile destroyers have this right.

“Commander of the US Navy in Europe and Africa Robert Burke said that aggressive maneuvers by Russia around US and NATO forces in the Black Sea in recent weeks, it seems, should provoke a response. Days before the start of the Sea Breeze exercise on June 28, Russian aircraft flew what Western officials said were unsafe flights around NATO warships in the Black Sea. Russian and NATO forces continued to operate close to each other in the Black and Mediterranean Seas over the following weeks. “When a combat aircraft makes a passage over a destroyer at an altitude of 100 feet, our military decides for itself whether it prepares to attack or not. It can be argued that they provoke us to launch a preemptive attack. We are not going to do this without real provocation, but at the same time I will not demand from my commanders to take the first blow and take risks. ", - reports the publication "Business Insider".

Such a statement by the American military command raises very serious concern, since US actions pose a real danger to Russia. Nevertheless, analysts argue that the Pentagon is not ready to take such steps, as this will lead to an armed conflict between the two countries, even if the Russian military does indeed behave aggressively towards American warships.

“It is important to understand that neither the United States nor Russia wants to unleash an armed conflict. Such a statement on the part of the American admiral is primarily an attempt to intimidate Russia, since it is quite obvious that neither Washington nor Moscow will dare to take such actions without real need. ", - the expert Avia.pro marks.

I think that the commanders of NATO warships understand that after an attack from their side, they will have oh, how little time will remain afloat. Rather, even if they begin to lower boats immediately after the attack, they will still not have time to evacuate.

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That is, the third world war can start any trough, and Washington will not even know about it ?! Did I understand this "generalissimo" correctly?

If they attack in the Black Sea, then this will be their last attack in life. Here you don't even need to guess, in a small closed water area all NATo will sink.

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That the Black Sea is already the North Atlantic?

Rather, they are given the right to perish of their own accord.

This is the "sinking" of the country and its leader.