The US Navy command proposes to shoot down Russian fighters if they approach the ships

The United States announced the need to open fire on Russian aircraft.

The frightening maneuvers of Russian fighters and bombers against American warships, in order to suppress provocations of the American side, forced the US Navy command to make a rather harsh statement regarding the fight against Russian military aircraft. So, according to the commander of the US Navy in Europe and Africa, Admiral Robert Burke, in the event of a repetition of such situations, the US and NATO ships should simply open fire on Russian aircraft, but only in the event of a real threat to the ships.

“When a combat aircraft makes a passage over a destroyer at an altitude of 100 feet, our military decides for itself whether it prepares to attack or not. It can be argued that they provoke us to launch a preemptive attack. We are not going to do this without real provocation, but at the same time I will not demand from my commanders to take the first blow and take risks. "- said the commander of the US Navy in Europe and Africa.

It should be noted that the flights of Russian fighters and bombers have already demoralized the crews of NATO ships several times. This is due to the fact that the Russian military aviation carries out the passage at an extremely low altitude. Nevertheless, Russia took such steps solely in order to warn the Alliance about the inadmissibility of provocations near the Russian borders.

On the other hand, international norms have established certain rules, according to which, to protect ships from a possible attack, the opening of fire is allowed, but, obviously, Washington realizes that such actions can lead to a full-scale armed conflict.

You are mistaken, comrades. He will forgive forever, as the plane, the helicopter, and they are not for the first piece ...

What do the US and NATO need at the Russian borders? The ship that shot down the plane will sign its own verdict! There are enough anti-ship missiles near the borders of Russia! Stay away from the borders of Russia and you will not have to be afraid of its planes!)))

And in response, "bul-bul"? This is guaranteed suicide!